A woman smiling while talking on the phone taking part in charity market research at home.

How our participants boosted support for a charity with their opinions

Did you know that your opinions can influence how charities carry out their fundraising?

Just like any other industry (from media to retail, technology to consumer healthcare), charities rely on the opinions and feedback of the people who support them (and those who don’t) in order to find ways to increase support for their cause – people like you! 

And the best part is you can often take part in this kind of market research from home… which was exactly what happened in the following case study! 

Read on to find out more about how participants from our panel at Angelfish Opinions helped a charity re-vamp their fundraising ideas and boost support for their cause by sharing their opinions during telephone interviews… 

What were the telephone interviews all about? 

In this study, a leading UK charity wanted to hear about the experiences and opinions that our participants had about donating to other charities, so that they could drum up some new ideas about how to increase support for their own cause. 

A woman sat on her sofa with a mug of coffee talking on the phone taking part in charity market research at home.

Which participants from the Angelfish community took part? 

24 participants aged between 40 and 75 years from a variety of backgrounds were selected from our Angelfish Opinions panel to take part.  

Fourteen of these participants were already donors to the charity running the study, half of whom donated via direct debit and the other half of whom were regular cash donors or had donated after being visited by the charity at home.  

Five of the other participants needed to have been in contact with the charity, but not necessarily be a donor yet, and the remaining five needed to be regular donors to a competitor charity. 

What were the participants required to do for the study? 

As mentioned above, our participants could take part in this market research from home.  

All they had to do was answer some questions over the telephone about charity donations – for example, how they donated to charity themselves and what they liked and disliked about different charity’s fundraising initiatives – for about 30-40 minutes. Straightforward, and lots of fun!  

What incentive did the participants receive for taking part? 

As a thank you for their time and efforts (which the charity running the study was delighted with), each participant received a £25 Amazon or M&S voucher incentive to spend. 

A man sat on the sofa talking on the phone taking part in charity market research at home.

Would you like to get involved in similar market research from home?

It’s incredible how your opinions can influence the products and services of different businesses, brands and other amazing organisations – and this case study is only one example! 

In fact, we’re always delighted to welcome new people from all walks of life onto our panel of participants here at Angelfish Opinions and give them the opportunity to make that positive difference through a variety of different projects. 

So, if this case study has got you excited at the prospect of supporting your favourite charities in a whole new way, or about taking part in market research altogether, be sure to sign up to our panel today and check out the current projects we have on the go. 

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Oh, and if you’d like to see just how much our current participants have enjoyed the projects that they’ve taken part in with us over the years, head on over to our testimonials page. You’ll be amazed by all the awesome research opportunities they’ve been involved in!