Paid market research is a great way of making extra money. What makes it even better is that you can speak directly to big brands. Let them know exactly what you think about their products and services!

What do I have to do?

You see, your feedback is vital for big brands. Whilst you are making extra money, you really can make a difference. Your feedback will affect the way they evaluate their new and existing products and services. That’s why as a thank you for your time you could earn up to £100 just for taking part. Yes, really!

There are many different types of market research. Lots of frugal websites or bloggers promote the benefit of filling out online surveys as a way to make some extra cash. But often the reality is that you have to do a lot to make a small sum of extra pocket money! At Angelfish, our paid market research opportunities are different and truly give you the chance to influence the decisions of well-known brands.

making extra money with big brands

There are a few different types of research, carried out for varying purposes. From focus groups and online communities to video diaries and accompanied shops, making extra money with paid market research is a fantastic – and fun way to put a few pennies aside for a rainy day. To protect the integrity of the opinions we find, we pay far more generously!

How you get paid

The incentives on offer will vary for each project. It depends on the type of study it is, how long it is and which brand it is for. Your incentive could come in the form of cash, cheque, bank transfer or even Amazon Vouchers.

We always advertise the project with the incentive amount. Depending on the form of incentive you can read when to expect to receive it in our FAQs. Generally speaking though, cash incentives are paid on the day, cheques and/or bank transfers can take up to two weeks to clear and Amazon Vouchers will be sent to you within three weeks.

Each study has specific requirements, based on factors such as age group, gender, profession, location, hobbies and interests. Due to these varying criteria, you will only be asked to take part in a maximum of four studies per year. The irregularity of market research won’t offer you a consistent salary, but you’re able to sign up to the projects as and when you want to top-up your bank account!

making extra money in fun opportunities

So whether you’re looking to save money for Christmas, want to treat the kids to a fun day out in the school holidays or if you just want a bit of extra pocket money to spend on yourself (you deserve it after all!). Sign up for paid market research to make waves with your opinion whilst making some extra spondoolies too.

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