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4 unique ways to support your favourite charities in 2021

Read this blog to discover some amazing ways you can support charities as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic (and beyond), including taking part in charity market research projects near you!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, charities have been hit really hard over the last year. 

Not only have the number of donations dropped due to their regular supporters needing to save money but some of their other major sources of income have been restricted, such as charity shop sales and running face-to-face fundraising campaigns and events. 

And they’ve not taken just a financial hit, either – the coronavirus has also made it much more challenging for charities to raise awareness of their causes – for example, due to fewer people being able to volunteer safely. 

Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways you can support your favourite charities in 2021 and bring them back up to speed – especially as coronavirus restrictions begin to lift – including charity market research projects near you! 

Read on to learn more about this and the other amazing ways you can support your top charities this year…

4 exciting ways to support your favourite charities: 

A customer buying clothing in a charity shop take part in charity market research projects near you

1. Hit up your local charity shops

With the retail sector open again*, many people have been taking trips to their favourite retailers to make up for lost browsing time and enjoyment!  
The good news is that charity shops have also opened again, and, as many people have spent the lockdowns having much-needed clear-outs, you’re guaranteed to find some unique gems and top bargains during a charity shop haul. 

Not only that, but the money you spend on your shop will contribute to the charity’s cause. And of course, you can also donate your own unwanted items for other people to buy to push the impact that bit further! 

2. Organise a [Covid-safe] charity party 

 With the world opening up again, many people are excited to get back into the party spirit – and what better way to celebrate than by running a charity fundraising party! 

Of course, you’ll need to be sure that covid safety measures are put in place; other than that, the world’s your oyster! Just some things you could include at your party to raise funds and awareness for your favourite charity include: 

  • a small ticket price on entry 
  • a fancy dress/best-dressed guest competition (entrants should make a donation) 
  • a raffle, tombola or auction where guests have the chance to win/buy donated items 
  • bringing in a local band to play live music to sing and dance to 
  • give a thank you speech and talk about the fundamental impact of your chosen charity 
A group of runners taking part in a fundraiser take part in market research projects near you

3. Complete a fundraising challenge 

Taking part in a fundraising challenge is a great way to both boost awareness and raise funds for your favourite charity! 

Whether you go down the more traditional route of a bake sale or sponsored walk/run or push the boat out with a skydive or 24-hour gaming stream, the possibilities for challenges are endless. The tougher the challenge, the more likely your friends, family and colleagues will be to donate! 

Collecting donations is easier than ever before, too; social media platforms such as Facebook and websites like JustGiving now enable you to set up fundraising pages where you can share updates on your challenge progress, as well as invite your friends and family to make donations.

4. Take part in charity market research  

Much like other sectors that run market research projects – such as retail, finance, sportstravel and more – charities can greatly benefit from uncovering the thoughts, opinions and ideas of those who do (or even don’t) interact with them on a regular basis. 

By gathering opinions from people like you through market research projects (including online communities, focus groups and interviews), charities can uncover innovative ways to attract new supporters, nurture their current donors, work out the best ways to spend their budgets and much more. 

It’s a really unique way of giving back to the charities you care about without needing to spend or raise money. In fact, you can even earn a bit of extra cash by taking part, as the charities will often pay you for your time and contributions; and should you choose, you could even pay this back into the charity. What’s more, taking part is great fun, too!

Fancy giving paid charity market research a go?

Our panel of participants here at Angelfish Opinions have been lucky enough to take part in market research projects with some big-name charities, including the likes of Cancer Research UK and British Red Cross – and get paid for their contributions! 

If charity market research projects near you sound like something you’d like to get involved in, be sure to sign up to our panel today and keep an eye on our current projects page and Facebook/Instagram feeds for news on the latest opportunities!  

*As of 17th May 2021.