Young man taking part in a market research online community on his laptop while drinking a bottle of cider

Cheers! How our panel got involved in a cider-tastic online community

Have you ever taken part in a market research online community with Angelfish Opinions? 

If you have, then you’ll know it’s tons of fun. Not only do you have the chance to get super-creative, share your opinions and ideas about your favourite brands and even interact with like-minded people, but the rewards you receive for taking part are equally fantastic!  

If you haven’t, however, we thought we’d this opportunity to give you a glimpse into one of our participant’s favourite projects to date – The Cider Bar!   

(Not quite sure what a market research online community is? Check out our MROC information page here, or read our paid research 101 blog on online communities for more info!) 

First off… what was The Cider Bar all about? 

For this project, our client (a super-cool marketing and communications agency) was looking to create a sparkling new advertising campaign for their end client’s cider brand.  

To do this, they wanted to gather the opinions and creative ideas of regular and non-regular drinkers of the end client’s cider brand to inspire the campaign and make it truly stand out from the crowd! 

A group of young people sat in a field toasting with bottles of cider as part of a market research online community

And which participants from the Angelfish community took part?

For the project, our client wanted two different groups of participants. 

The first group were aged between 18 and 28, and were a mix of males and females. They also had to be non-drinkers of the end client’s cider brand, but regularly drink other brands of cider.  

The second group were between 28 and 40 years old, also a mix of genders, but were regular drinkers of the end client’s cider brand and other brands.   

What did the participants have to do during the online community? 

The online community took place on a platform, which was named The Cider Bar! It was designed to look like a social media platform so that the participants found it as enjoyable and easy to use as possible. 

On the platform, the participants were asked to complete a set number of tasks over three days; day 1 was all about getting to know them, the general brands they loved, and what they were usually getting up to when they drank cider. 

Day two focused on the kinds of drinks the participants enjoyed and the occasions they drank them in, and day three was all about cider ads – and included a creative task where participants had to design their own cider poster! 

Glasses of cider surrounded by cinnamon sticks and apples representing The Cider Bar market research online community

What did the participants get for taking part? 

As a thank you for their time, each participant received £65 to spend as they liked. What’s more, there were four additional £25 prizes available for the participants who shared the most out-there and exciting ideas! 

What was the outcome of the project? 

Because of the fantastic contributions made by our participants during this market research online community, the client was able to create a truly amazing advertising campaign that outshone not only their previous work but their competition. 

What’s more, the participants had loads of fun getting involved, and were delighted to know the amazing impact that their opinions had made! 

Fancy getting involved in a similar project? 

This is only one example of the awesome market research online communities our community at Angelfish Opinions have had the chance to take part in – as well as a ton of other kinds of research, including accompanied shops, interviews, focus groups and more. 

If this is something you’d like to get involved in, be sure to sign up to join our panel of participants, or have a browse through our current projects!