Paid focus groups and market research

Do you want to let the big brands know what you think about their current products and services? Well, now you can! By taking part in paid market research, you can voice your opinion and get paid for it too. A great way to take part in market research is to take part in paid focus groups.

What is a paid focus group?

Paid focus groups are when a group of people, usually between 6-10 are gathered together to take part in a discussion which is monitored by a moderator. This discussion can be related to a product, service or potential concept. Paid focus groups are one of the most common forms of paid market research as they can be the most informative and are one of the most tried and testing methods!

How long do paid focus groups take?

The time which is required from you for a paid focus group doesn’t vary as much as other paid market research methods. Usually, paid focus groups will last between 60-90 minutes. Of course, you will need to factor in any travel time to get to the focus group venue in addition to this.

Paid focus groups

Why should I take part?

Paid focus groups are fun! They are a great way to meet new people and participate in a discussion where your thoughts and opinions are really valued. If you want to contribute to the future of products and services offered by big brands in a stimulating and fun environment then paid focus groups are for you!

What do I receive for taking part?

In addition to the above, you will, of course, be compensated for taking time out to participate in a paid focus group. Although, the form of your incentive can vary meaning you might not always be paid in cash. You could be paid in the form of a gift voucher, cheque or bank transfer.

The amount of your incentive will also vary depending on how long the research lasts, how far you have to travel to take part etc. Depending on the project, you will usually receive between £40 and £60 for a generic 60-min focus group. You’ll always be informed of how much you will receive for taking part before the research is conducted.

If you are taking part in a paid focus group, don’t forget to take some photographic ID with you so you can receive your incentive. Read more about what to expect on the day of a paid focus group here.

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