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Love new tech? Take part in market research and get paid to test it!

Who doesn’t love technology? Our lives are full of wonderful gadgets and gizmos and consumers are clambering to get their hands on the latest developments in the dazzling world of tech. However, before new products reach the hands of the general population, they need to be thoroughly tested. There are now loads of studies happening in technology, so if you take part in market research, you might be lucky enough to experience the most exciting new products before anyone else.

Wearable technology

Wearable tech has boomed massively in the UK, with sales of smart watches and fitness bands rising an incredible 118% in 2015 (Mintel, 2016). Wearable tech is often associated with health and fitness, but smart watches can be used for all sorts of different stuff from checking the weather to paying for your weekly shop!

Another super popular type of wearable technology is the GoPro, which is often used in extreme sports but, because it can be easily mounted on your body, it is brilliant for capturing a first-person view of your life. Not long ago, we had a research study that enabled participants to wear a GoPro around a homeware store to understand their journey through the shop. GoPro’s are perfect for paid market research as researchers can observe consumer’s shopping habits and store journey which helps big brands improve their products and services.

Another example of this was recently, we were asked to conduct a research study using Google Glass! People who had or were going to have the flu vaccination had to wear Google Glass to their doctor’s appointment and record the experience and the communication in the surgery about the flu. Sound good to you? Take part in market research here.

apple watch 300x200 - Love new tech? Take part in market research and get paid to test it!

Virtual reality

Virtual reality, or VR, is no longer science fiction: this new and emerging technology is creeping into our daily lives and will have a huge impact. VR will be used for everything from crime scene reconstruction to training surgeons, but you’re most likely to experience it in the comfort of your own home through gaming or other types of entertainment, and tech geeks have probably already heard of brands such as Microsoft Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR. This incredible technology could be used in future paid market research by placing people in specific virtual situations and testing their reactions. The future has definitely arrived!

Fitness Trackers

Whether you’re training for a full-on Ironman competition or just want to lose those love handles, there are lots of options when it comes to fitness trackers, with brands such as Polar, Fitbit and Garmin developing new models. They can be used to gather data, such as your heart rate or daily step count, monitor your sleeping pattern or track your GPS location, which is handy for runners. We’ve recently conducted a research project where people suffering from depression had to rate their mood a few times throughout the day using the Apple Watch.

In-home technology

What if you ran out of washing powder and could order more with the press of a button? How about if you could remotely ask the kettle to boil just before you got home from work? These things may sound space age, but they are slowly becoming the norm. In-home tech is controlled by Wi-Fi and is usually synced to your smartphone via an app, enabling you to do everything from adjusting the thermostat to switching on a lamp over the internet. Amazing! There are plenty of paid market research studies that are testing this nifty new technology – in fact, we conducted a study just recently testing the latest in-home voice recognition technology. You can take part in market research here.

App development

How many apps have you got on your phone? Lots, right? Every one of those apps had to be tested as it was developed, plus it has to be tested again when it is updated, making it the most common type of technology testing in paid market research. We recently asked participants to test a payment app for a large petroleum company to see if this would work within their petrol stations throughout the UK, people loved it and they got paid to fill up their tank – win win! Having a go with a new app is lots of fun for you, and helps companies to understand the user experience, as well as getting feedback on the look and feel of the app.

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