Who wouldn’t want to earn a little extra money to spend on their family or a special night out? Paid market research not only gives participants the opportunity to earn some extra spondoolies but also allows you to voice your opinion on everyday goods, services and brands. Your feedback is vital in ensuring these businesses retain their competitive edge and keep their heads above water.

Different types of paid market research

Focus groups

Contain a small group of people from within a company’s target market, who are led through specific discussions by a facilitator. Participants are asked questions in an interactive setting and encouraged to discuss their thoughts freely with other members of the group.

Paid market research

Online focus groups

Online focus groups are becoming increasingly popular as participants can take part in sessions from the comfort of their own home, feet up, cuppa in hand and dunking biscuit at the ready. Advances in technology such as Webex and GotoMeeting have enabled meetings to take place online, whilst still allowing the brainstorming dynamic of the traditional focus group.

Market research online communities

Paid market research online communities consist of an exclusive network of participants who are guided to take part in a variety of activities, conversations and exercises. Similar to that of traditional focus groups, but are completed remotely, using a private platform or website. Responses can be submitted via various channels such as video messaging and online forums and in some instances participants will be able to see responses from their peers, however, in others, access is restricted.


An in-depth research method, with the observer physically present, generally for a significant amount of time, allowing research to be undertaken in real-life environments, such as out shopping, eating at a restaurant or even at home.

Online surveys

Does exactly what it says on the tin….log-in from home or any location; even the pub, at any time. Your identity is always concealed unless otherwise stated prior to the start of the survey. Perfect for people who can only commit a short amount of time and who aren’t as confident in face-to-face environments.

Will I ultimately have to buy anything?

Paid market research isn’t a sales pitch with a view to making you buy something. It’s aim is to gain feedback on products and services from those of us who use them in our everyday lives. We will never attempt to sell you anything and you will never be asked to pay for anything  – You’re the one who’s earning here, not us!

How do I know they’re genuine?

Most market research projects you come across are genuine, however, do ensure the company asking you to participate is a member of a market research governing body, such as The Market Research Society and AQR.

If you’d like to give some of the big brands your feedback on their offering and pocket some money at the same time……

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