One of the many exciting things about market research is how varied it can be – not only because of the many different industries that carry it out (retailers, healthcare organisations, media companies…) but the different types of market research methodologies there are! 

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Accompanied shopping 

Accompanied shops are run so that companies can understand why people shop in the ways that they do. They’ll then use these insights to make the shopping experience as easy and enjoyable for their customers as possible!  

For example: A supermarket chain may ask you to go about your weekly shop and make notes about how you select certain items, or the route you take around the store.

Paid focus groups 

If you take part in a paid focus group, you’ll join a group of 6-10 other participants, either in a physical venue or an online meeting space (such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom), to discuss a company’s product, service or new idea in the presence of a moderator. 

For example: You may find yourself discussing a book series that your children enjoy reading, alongside other parents whose children love the same or similar books! 

Online communities 

Online communities involve a (appropriately named!) community of people coming together via a private, secure platform (accessed on a tablet, smartphone, app or computer) to complete a series of tasks, usually for 15-20 minutes a day for a week or so.  

For example: A company creating new advertising material for their upcoming product release may ask you to design your own poster or create a mood board inspired by their product. 

In-home interviews 

In-home interviews may sound nerve-wracking, but they are anything but! Quite simply, they involve an informal discussion between you a researcher in your home so that they can understand how their products and services fit in and around your daily life. 

For example: A company manufacturing branded cleaning products may be looking to see how you use those products day-to-day around your home.

User experience testing 

User experience testing is essentially a means of understanding what people do when they encounter a certain product or service, and why they do it. It is sometimes referred to as UX testing or user testing.  

For example: A researcher may ask you to explore their new website so they can see how easy it is to navigate, and how straightforward or complicated it is to use. 

Remote user research 

Brands and businesses conduct remote user research (for example, over Teams or Zoom) to find out more about who is using their products and services as well as what their specific needs are and how they can change and improve those products and services to meet those needs. 

For example: You may find yourself trying out a new app for a brand or business via your smartphone or tablet, whilst chatting to a researcher over a video call. 


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