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Do you want to let the big brands know what you really think? We are always looking for people who are interested in giving their opinion on new products and services. Sign up for focus groups and other paid market research with Angelfish Opinions and have your say!

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How does it work?

Signing up for focus groups and other paid market research studies with Angelfish Opinions allows your voice to be heard! This makes a difference to the way a product is launched, branded, packaged, marketed or priced. As a thank you for providing your opinion on products and services brands offer remuneration, this is usually in the form of cash or gift certificates.
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What’s in it for me?

You can earn £1-£100 for taking part in focus groups, online surveys, online communities, video diaries and many other interesting market research techniques. Market research is a great way to get your thoughts heard and really make a difference to the way brands evaluate their products and services.
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What’s next?

You take part in paid market research by signing up here and it will take no more than five minutes to enter your details. After you’ve signed up we will start sending you invitations to studies via email – keep an eye out! The more you tell us about your interests during the registration process the easier it is for us to send you relevant studies for your lifestyle and location.
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A little bit about us

Angelfish Opinions specialise in helping brands get in touch with their consumers or market place by organising market research with relevant participants.
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Why Angelfish Opinions?

Angelfish Opinions is a market research company; dedicated to gathering opinions for brands, helping them better understand their consumers. We have thousands of people taking part in paid market research on a range of subjects from lawn mowers to the latest tablet computers! We are members of the Market Research Society and strictly adhere to their codes of conduct which include the Data Protection Act 1998. Please read our Personal Information Policy, which explains in detail how we process your information.

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  • It was a brilliant and fun experience with opinions from different perspectives I didn't consider before. Also receiving incentives for your time and thoughts is great.

    Administrator, Birmingham
  • I found it very interesting to take part in the research. You get to meet people and also make a contribution to society. I really enjoyed taking part.

    Retail Manager, Cardiff
  • Angelfish Opinions made the experience fun, relaxed and interesting! Definitely want to do more studies through them!

    Architect, London
  • Angelfish Opinions were very professional and friendly. They made me feel at ease very quickly. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to voice my opinion.

    IT Consultant, Southampton
  • The standard of customer service from Angelfish Opinions was extremely high, especially speaking to them on the phone. I would love to do a study through them again.

    Teacher, Liverpool
  • The Angelfish Opinions staff made the experience really easy as the whole process was well organised and answered any questions I had. I definitely would recommend Angelfish Opinions!

    Web Developer, Exeter
  • Market research is really fun to do and you can find out about products that you may not have come across before. There is no wrong answer - it's just your opinion. It doesn't take up much time but it feels really rewarding. I definitely recommend saying yes if you get a chance.

  • Go for it! I was worried I might be a bit embarrassed but after the first few minutes you're fine and everyone is really friendly and interested in what you have to say.

  • Market Research through Angelfish is a fantastically simple way to earn extra income whilst taking part in really interesting projects.

  • Really enjoyed the relaxed nature of the research. The questions got everyone talking, no one was afraid to say anything despite not knowing each other. I really enjoyed it.

    Estate Agent
  • There was nothing I didn’t like about my market research experience with Angelfish Opinions! In fact, I already have recommended friends! The research projects are really interesting, the process is simple and easy, and if you get a little remuneration too that's a bonus!

    Caterer, Devon


How is my data used?

We get it, sharing your data can be scary – what if you share it and it ends up in the wrong hands?! Thankfully, as a leading market research company, we understand the value of data, and the importance of data protection. We know that it takes a lot of trust before you will share your data with us. This is why we are GDPR compliant and are a registered data controller with the ICO. We share your data with our clients to carry out market research and the type of data will vary depending on the client and the specific project. We share this data only to ensure that suitable participants are selected for our client’s research projects.

Still have concerns? As members of the Market Research Society, AQR and ESOMAR, we are recognised for the quality of our work and upholding their stringent data policies which protect research participants’ data and their rights. To read about how we use your data in more detail please click here.

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