The user experience

User experience testing is everything you feel as a shopper when using a website or app. And, if your overall experience is poor, then you will be more likely to look elsewhere and give your hard-earned cash to another company.

However, if you have a fantastic experience when using a website or app, you’ll feel all warm and content inside and go on to use the website time and time again.

What is user experience testing?

User experience testing has many names including usability testing, user testing, and UX testing to name but a few. However, they all mean exactly the same thing….Testing to understand what people do and why they do it.

User experience testing of websites is extremely helpful to brands.

How does it work?

Traditional user experience testing consists of individual participants who are watched whilst doing various tasks on a website or app. You will be given a set of tasks to complete whilst specialised software captures your behaviour on your browser.

Watching and listening provide a brilliant insight into what works and why it works. It sounds simple and that’s because it is. It demonstrates to a business why you’re leaving their website and why you are staying, why you’re buying and why you’re leaving empty-handed, why you’re abandoning your shopping basket and why you’re choosing their competitor over them.

How long does it take?

Each user experience test takes around 30-60 minutes. You may need to factor in travel time, however, some usability tests are performed online remotely and so you may not even have to step out of the front door.

What do I receive for taking part?

It goes without saying that you will be paid for taking time out of your busy day to participate in user experience testing. Incentives vary, and it all depends on how long the test lasts and what is asked of you, but you could receive anything from £10 – £100 for your time.

It’s also a great way of contributing to the overall user experience. You may absolutely love a particular brand, but you can’t get along with their website or app and so usability testing gives you the opportunity to help change this for the better.

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