One of the wonderful things about market research is that you don’t have to do it on your own!

While it can be lots of fun to take part in market research projects by yourself, it can be a fantastic activity to enjoy with your parents, siblings, children and other relatives, too. In fact, our community of participants take part in lots of different paid family market research projects throughout the year!

Why are brands looking for family opinions?

While it’s great for brands to hear the opinions of you and your parents, children or other family members individually, your perspectives on the different products and services you use every day can be quite different when you’re all together as one. As the saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”!

How does it work?

Taking part in family market research is great fun, and super-easy:

Step 1: Sign up to our community

When you sign up to the Angelfish participant community and fill in your details (all of which are kept secure and private), you can also let us know whether you have any children.

Step 2: Keep an eye on your inbox!

Once you’re all signed up, we’ll let you know as soon as any relevant research projects come in that we think you and your family will enjoy taking part in.

Step 3: We’ll have a chat

If you and your family fit all the criteria for the project on paper, we’ll give you a call to triple-check that you’re eligible to take part.

If you are, we’ll give you a call or pop you an email to brief you on what the project entails, invite you and your family to take part, and give you a consent form to complete in line with safeguarding best practices, particularly if your children or other vulnerable family members are taking part (we’ve shared more info about this below).

Step 4: Get stuck in!

You’ll be given all the details of the what, where, when and how, ready for you to attend the research on the day – whether that’s online or at a specified venue. Then, the rest is up to you (but we’ll be right at the other end of the phone throughout the day if there’s anything you need)!

Step 5: Receive your incentive

After the research is all done, you’ll receive your incentive for taking part shortly afterwards – this could be in the form of cash or a voucher; either way, something nice for you and your family to enjoy together as a thank you for your participation!

What kinds of research can your family take part in?

There are so many amazing projects that you and your family can take part in, including:

Accompanied shops

Go on a family shopping trip to your favourite stores (or even ones you’ve not tried before) while a researcher observes how you all get on (you don’t have to buy anything (if you are asked to you’ll either get a shopping budget or be reimbursed, or you might be asked to do your normal weekly shop), but it’s a great excuse to go for a mooch around the shops with your loved ones.

Focus groups (in person or online)

Join other families either online or at a face-to-face venue to have a chat about the products and services you and your family care about – from children’s toys, books and games to household items and furniture, and much, much more.

In-home interviews

Welcome a researcher into your home so they can see how you use their brand’s products and services as part of you and your family’s daily life.

User experience testing

From websites to apps, games to new tech and devices, you and your family could find yourselves testing out the latest and greatest – or some that may not even be released yet – and sharing your feedback!

Safeguarding information

At Angelfish Opinions, keeping your whole family safe is our top priority.

We adhere to the Market Research Society’s (MRS) Guidelines for Research with Children and Young People and the MRS Best Practice Guide on Research Participant Vulnerability, ensuring that we obtain clear consent from you as a parent/carer for your child/ren to take part, or any vulnerable adults in your family.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more!

Ready to get stuck into some family market research projects?

We’d love to welcome you on board! Simply sign up to our community via the link below to get started…

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