At Angelfish Opinions, everyone’s voice matters. 

Inclusion lies right at the very heart of our market research participant recruitment – and accessibility is a huge part of that!

Sadly, the voices of those with disabilities and accessibility needs often go unheard – and we’re on a mission to change that, through accessibility research and all other projects. After all, brands and businesses can’t make truly fantastic products and services for everyone without the opinions of everyone!

To quote John Bizzell, Events and Awards Manager at the Market Research Society (MRS):

“The research sector has a vital part to play too. It’s about recruiting disabled people to participate in your groups, even when the subject is not specifically about disability. It’s about recruiting and enabling disabled people to work in the sector so that the voice of lived experience is heard in planning, strategy and design. It’s about going to advertisers with evidence that they can be representative without being tokenistic.” 

… which means that our paid market research projects are open to all!

Whether you have visual, motor, auditory or neurological impairments, cognitive and learning difficulties, mobility issues or medical or psychological impairments, there is a place for you and your opinions in our participant community – whether our clients are conducting accessibility research or all other kinds of projects! 

We aim to keep the doors to paid market research opportunities as open as possible to those with disabilities or accessibility needs . In fact, it’s an essential part of our recruitment process to ensure our clients can meet your needs, ensure you’re comfortable during the project, and have a great time taking part! 

What kinds of projects can you apply to take part in? 

 There are so many different kinds of paid market research projects that you can get involved in!

From accompanied shops to paid focus groups, online communities to at-home interviews, and user experience testing to remote user research, the possibilities for sharing your opinions on your favourite brands and services are endless.

And the best part is, you’ll get paid for your contributions

Here’s how we’ll support you as a research participant with accessibility needs:

  • Ensure that our client brands choose venues that are easy for you to travel to and attend; for example, venues with ground floor rooms and wheelchair access. 
  • For projects that involve technology, ensure that the brand clients we work with have the right equipment and provisions in place for you to complete project tasks as easily and comfortably as possible. 
  • Ask you what methods of communication are best for you so that you can be sure your voice and opinions are truly being heard. 
  • Check in with you before the day(s) of the research project to make sure you have everything you need to take part comfortably. 
  • Check in with you afterwards to ensure everything went smoothly, and find out from you if there’s anything else that can be done in future to make similar projects more accessible and enjoyable! 

Ready to share your unique voice and opinions? 

We’d love to have you on board our participant community – as current participants will gladly tell you, it’s great fun and incredibly rewarding! 

To start applying for paid accessibility research and all our other projects, simply sign up today. Be sure to fill out your profile with as much detail as possible, including any access requirements or impairments you may have; this means we can put you forward for opportunities that you’ll be sure to enjoy!