A family walking by a lake, representing an activity to do this year alongside upcycling, touring and the chance to get money for playing games as part of market research.

10 weird and wonderful activities you should give a go this year

If you’re looking for a new and/or unusual activity or two to keep you busy over the next few months, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog, we’ve gathered some of our favourite weird and wonderful activities that you can get stuck into for the remainder of 2022 – from upcycling to vlogging, movie nights to the chance to get money for playing games by taking part in market research and more! Read on to get inspired…

A group of young people taking part in video game market research for the chance to get money for playing games.

1. Start a blog/vlog on… well, anything!

We all have something we’re really passionate and excited about, right? Even if that thing is really small. One of the great ways you can celebrate that love is by blogging or vlogging about it!

Say, for example, you absolutely love coffee. You could write a blog or record vlogs about visiting and reviewing independent coffee shops near to where you live, or even around the country!

Or, if you enjoy making things, you could blog/vlog the progress of your latest project, and even share top tips and advice to your readers and/or viewers.

There really is nothing too small to blog or vlog about, and it could be an activity that doesn’t simply see you through to the end of the year, but for many years to come!

2. Upcycle something

“Upcycling” is basically the process of taking something old and turning it into something new and better! For example, buying an old chair from a charity shop and giving it a new lick of paint, or turning an old pair of curtains into a dress (think “The Great British Sewing Bee”).

The possibilities for what you can upcycle are almost endless! Plus, it’s usually pretty cheap to do, and it’s a great alternative to throwing things away and buying new stuff – in short, it’s great for the planet!

3. Go to a comic convention

This certainly fits under both categories of “weird” and “wonderful”!

In brief, a comic convention (or comic con) is an event where fans of comics, films, TV shows, games and other forms of media and entertainment meet to celebrate their love of their fandoms, as well as hear talks from famous guests, buy merchandise and take part in gaming and costume competitions.

There are tons of different comic cons that happen all over the UK every year, so you’ll be bound to find one somewhere near you in the not-too-distant future. To add to the fun, you could even try making your own costume out of things you have lying around the house!

4. Run a 24-hour gameathon

24-hour gameathons have soared in popularity over the last few years – especially thanks to their incredible impact on charity fundraising. MacMillan now even have their own campaign where their “gaming heroes” can run sponsored gaming marathons to support people living with cancer!

Whether you get money for playing games for charity or simply do it for your own enjoyment, gameathons are a really fun and unusual challenge to try, either on your own or with friends.

And we don’t just mean video games – you could even do it with board games. Time to dust off the Monopoly board!

5. Host a monthly “bad movie” night

We all love a great movie, but for every good one, there’s a movie out there that is so bad it’s hilarious – and they all make for fantastic alternative movie nights! Gather your friends, pop a pizza in the oven and crack out the popcorn for an evening per month of entertainment you’ve never seen the likes of before.

Not keen on “bad” movies? Swap these out for any genre you and your friends prefer, be it rom-coms, horror or sci-fi!

6. Run a culinary competition with your friends

Cooking is not only an essential life skill to have, but it can be really good fun, too. One of the ways you could make it even more enjoyable is by inviting your friends to take part in a Come-Dine-With-Me cooking competition!

As well as getting to try out fun new recipes, it’s a lovely way to keep in touch with friends and make the most of a good social occasion.

Fun fact: We had our own Great British Bake Off competition in the Angelfish offices a couple of years ago, and we had a whale of a time (the bakes were all delicious, too)!

7. Create (and host) an unofficial walking or ghost tour of where you live

Walking and ghost tours are a lot of fun to go on, and they’re even more fun (if a bit weird) to create and host! Do a bit of research on your local village, town or city – you might be amazed at what you discover – find the locations of any specific events or related to interesting facts, plan out your tour, and invite friends and family to come along. You could even design your own map to hand out to your “tourists” as a souvenir!

Alternative idea: If you can’t find any interesting facts or ghost stories about your local area, make some up – it’s a great way to get creative, invest in some storytelling fun, and offer a totally new angle on entertainment. Just make sure you let people know that it’s unofficial!

8. Feel the fear (and do it anyway)

We’ve all heard the advice that we should do something every day that scares us. With such busy schedules that’s not always possible, of course – but facing your fears can be good for you, and really fun activity to try if you get the opportunity!

Just some examples might be:

  • going rock climbing or zip lining if you have a fear of heights/falling
  • visiting an interactive zoo if you have a fear of specific animals (snakes and spiders are among the top ones)
  • caving if you’re afraid of small, enclosed spaces
  • taking a diving course if you have a fear of drowning

9. Join a club, group or team

There are groups and teams out there for hundreds of different things. Sports, amateur dramatics, arts and crafts, bands and choirs, gaming, walking, books and reading…

Joining a group is not only an awesome way to try out a new skill or hobby, but also to make new friends and open yourself up to even more opportunities – for example, joining a choir will develop your singing voice as well as take you on tours of some amazing performance venues across the country with a group of likeminded people.

In a similar vein, you could also…

A young woman filming a makeup vlog tutorial representing an activity to do this year alongside upcycling touring and the chance to get money for playing games as part of market research.

10. Take part in paid market research

Market research, in a nutshell, is run by brands to find out what people think and feel about a new or existing product or service.

For example, here at Angelfish Opinions, our market research community have taken part in projects for brands such as IKEA, the BBC, Cancer Research UK and Universal Music Group, among others.

By taking part, you could get money for playing games, shopping in your favourite stores, testing out the latest tech and much, much more. It’s also a great way to share your opinions about your favourite products and services and offer your ideas on how they can be made even better. You can even invite friends along to participate with you!

Fancy giving paid market research a go?

If so, it’s really easy to get involved! Simply register to join the Angelfish Opinions community with as much detail as you can, and you’ll be the first to hear about our latest and greatest projects.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you if you get involved in any of the activities we’ve recommended in this blog – simply drop us a tweet at @thisisangelfish or tag us (@angelfish_opinions) on Instagram!

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