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6 ways your opinions can change the world for the better

There are so many ways, big and small, that you can make the world a better place!

From raising money for your favourite charities to recycling whenever you can, buying second hand instead of buying new and simply making someone smile or laugh, the resulting impact that you can have on where you live, those around you and beyond is truly amazing.

But did you know that you can have an impact on trying to change the world for the better by taking part in opinions market research, too? Read on to find out how!

By taking part in market research and sharing your opinions, you can:

1. Help to save the planet

Climate change is one of the most talked-about issues in the world right now. If you’re an environmental advocate who loves doing what you can to keep our planet safe (think litter picking, recycling, boycotting fast fashion, etc…), then you’ll love taking part in market research!

For example, you might be asked by one of your favourite brands to share your opinions on the packaging of a new food product, or your favourite coffee shop’s new takeaway coffee cup design.

As part of the research, you could voice your opinion on the importance of reducing plastic waste by ensuring these materials are made of recycled products, and also being recyclable once finished with.

It may sound like a small step, but saving the planet is high on people’s agendas at the moment, and once other businesses start seeing consumers flocking to their competitors to buy recyclable products, they’ll very quickly jump on board, too!

Mothers and babies playing with educational toys as part of opinions market research.

2. Contribute towards a physically healthier population…

Sadly, health problems such as a lack of sufficient nutrition and obesity are significant across the world right now; in light of this, food and drink companies are eager to hear from their target consumers about how they can make their products better – which is where you come in!

From sharing your opinions on what companies could do to make their food and drink options healthier, or how supermarkets could encourage their shoppers to buy the healthier products on offer, you’ll be helping them and their consumers to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

You might also find yourself presented with the opportunity to take part in sports market research, sharing your opinions with sports centres on how they can encourage more people to attend, or contributing your ideas to fitness technology companies on how they can make their fitness trackers more user-friendly.

3. … as well as a mentally healthier population

Poor mental health is a prevailing issue across the globe. In England alone, it’s estimated that one in six people over the last week will have experienced a mental health problem.

There are many things that can impact our mental wellbeing, and sometimes, the accumulation of lots of little things can feel more overwhelming than a single, significant life event.

Taking part in opinions market research gives you the chance to change those little things for the better; whether that’s sharing feedback on experiences of mental health services, or suggesting a simple change to the functionality of an everyday product that makes it easier and more enjoyable to use.

4. Create a positive impact on education

Education is fundamental to the general wellbeing of the world and everyone in it – but it’s not just those who work directly in the education sector that can have an impact on children’s learning!

As a parent, you could be asked to participate in family market research projects about your children’s favourite book series, or attending a focus group with your children, where they’ll have the chance to play with educational toys so that researchers can see how they could be improved to enhance children’s learning even further.

Or, as a young person in education, you might find yourself testing out the latest games designed to help you revise for your exams, with your feedback ensuring that they are as helpful to other young people as possible.

A large group of diverse people taking part in opinions market research.

5. Support those in need

There are so many ways we can support those less fortunate than ourselves; from visiting lonely people on a regular basis to making charitable donations.

Taking part in opinions market research is a great way to support those in need, too; for example, in one of our projects at Angelfish, our participants’ opinions enabled a charity to carry out their fundraising far more effectively, which means that they could raise the money they needed to support their cause!

6. Raise awareness of equality and diversity

Equality and diversity is another significant issue affecting people across the globe.

For example, at least four in ten people believe that men have better opportunities in their country than women, and research by Lloyds Bank uncovered that, despite making up 20% of the population, only 0.06% of adverts feature individuals with disabilities in the UK alone.

Taking part in market research presents a fantastic opportunity to get your voice heard on issues like these, and make the world a better place for those who feel they are underrepresented.

As an example, you might be asked to take part in a market research online community for one of your favourite clothing brands, where one of your tasks is to create a storyboard for an upcoming ad.

In it, you could include actors that are representative of different ethnic and social backgrounds, genders, sizes and abilities, and voice your opinions on the importance of this representation when you present it to the rest of the group and researchers.

Alternatively, if you’re an individual with an accessibility need, you might be given the opportunity to take part in accessibility research, exploring how products and services can be improved to make your life and the lives of others with accessibility needs easier and more enjoyable.

Ready to start changing the world for the better?

Simply sign up to the Angelfish Opinions community and apply to take part in our current projects!

From charity studies to projects around special educational needs and disabilities, food and drink to allergies to volunteering and much, much more, the projects we have on offer provide the perfect opportunity to share your opinions and make a lasting mark.

What’s more, you’ll get paid an incentive for taking part – so you can reward yourself for your positive contributions, or “pay it forward” to make an even greater impact on the world!

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