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WTF is paid market research?!

The term might be a familiar one, but many people find themselves asking “what is paid market research?”

Put simply, market research means gathering information to find out what people think and feel about a product or service. Market research is used to find out people’s opinions on things that are brand new, as well as to make changes and improvements to those that already exist.

Taking part in paid market research can provide many benefits:

Your thoughts and opinions can have a real influence.

One of the most exciting benefits is that your feedback can make a huge impact on big brands and the products and services they provide, even more rewarding if this is a product or service you really care about.

You’ll learn helpful things about your favourite products

If you take part in a study involving others, you might get some useful hints and tips on the products and services you love.

There are great financial incentives

Companies really do value your time and opinions and are prepared to make it worth your while to get involved.


What is the value of paid market research to a brand?

Market research provides a company with a very clear picture of how their product or service is received by their customers. It also helps companies make better-informed business decisions. It is valuable because:

They can tailor their offerings

By exploring how consumers respond through paid market research, companies can tailor their offerings to the customers and have a much better idea of how it will perform.

They can gain the upper hand

First-hand feedback from real people can genuinely help to create a competitive advantage within the marketplace.

They can better understand customer behaviour

Through paid market research, businesses and brands can gain a better understanding of customer behaviour, such as why the customer made their purchase.

What are the different types of paid market research?

As well as asking the question “what is paid market research,” many people may also ask what types of research are out there.

Essentially, there are two main types of market research that provide different insights into customer behaviour: qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative research

Qualitative research allows companies to understand why customers may behave a certain way by gathering in-depth feedback. Types of qualitative paid market research are:

Focus groups

A small group of people, generally between six and 10, are gathered together either face-to-face or online to discuss a product or service. These groups allow for spontaneous and honest reactions from the participants.

One-to-one interviews

Meeting someone face-to-face or online allows the interviewer to gather rich, first-hand data about someone’s thoughts and feelings related to a product or service.

Online communities

This method of research takes place remotely, using a social networking platform or private website, and can span from a couple of days through to over a year. As part of an online community, you’ll complete set tasks such discussions, video/ photo tasks, polls, diary entries and more!

Quantitative research

Quantitative research uses measurable data (such as statistics) to uncover patterns and formulate facts about customers.

Examples of this are:

Online surveys

Many surveys are now conducted online and are usually self-administered, which means you don’t have to interact with a researcher.


Polls are usually less involved than surveys and questionnaires and will usually involve one or more multiple choice question.

You can learn more about the different kinds of paid market research you can get involved in our blog, What types of paid market research can I take part in?

So, now you know the answer to “what is paid market research”…

…Why not give it a try?

Whatever method you choose, paid market research is a fun, stimulating and interesting way to share your opinions about your favourite brands, and earn a bit of extra cash.

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