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3 ways women are making their mark in paid market research

Today is International Women’s Day…

And here at Angelfish Opinions, we wanted to mark the occasion by celebrating all the brilliant achievements of women in market research! 

International Women’s Day is an awareness day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. Most importantly, it creates awareness of gender inequality and how every one of us can help to close the gap. 

Started in 1911, International Women’s Day creates a platform for all genders to discuss gender disparity and how to effect change.  

Whether that’s through addressing your own unconscious biases or through donating to charities that help empower women, we can all do our bit to make the world a better place for everybody.  

Explore more using the hashtags #ChooseToChallenge and #IWD2021! 

Think it’s no longer relevant in today’s world? Here are five facts that will change your mind:

  1. Projecting current trends into the future from the WEF Global Gender Gap Report, the overall global gender gap will close in 99.5 years, on average, across the 107 countries covered. 
  2. Ten per cent of women and girls aged 15–24 in the world are illiterate. 
  3. Only 25% of 35,127 global parliamentary seats are occupied by women (with some countries having no representation).
  4. Only 7% of FTSE 100 companies have a female chief executive officer at the helm of their organisation.
  5. 11.9% of the world’s 2,825 billionaires are women. 
Women taking part in a focus group

Women in the Market Research Industry

Women have also been historically underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) roles, with only 24% of women making up the STEM workforce in 2019 (yes, that’s right – 2019!). 
However, this article explores five women in the market research industry who are impacting everything from Twitter to the products you buy in the supermarket. 

As members of The Market Research Society and AQR, we’re delighted that inspirational women make up a large percentage of their boards, including MRS CEO Jane Frost, CBE and MRS President Jan Gooding, who have both campaigned for equality and have even launched the MRS Inclusion Pledge, which asks CEOs to make five commitments towards creating safer and more representative workplaces.   

The market research industry is constantly evaluating its impact on women in the industry. In fact, there is even a female-founded community called ‘Women in Research’ dedicated to help address inequality within the market research industry.  

Working in an industry that is striving towards a better environment for women is great to be a part of – and it doesn’t stop there… 

Paid market research for for women

Here at Angelfish Opinions, we’re proud to celebrate women every day!  

It’s not just industry figureheads in market research who influence change – and that’s where you come in!  

Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible women taking part in our projects all from different life stages and backgrounds, who have shared their opinions on a wealth of popular brands and services and – as a result – been a great part of our clients’ evolution and improvement.   

From paid market research for mums to online communities for students and video diaries for corporate execs, we’ve had the pleasure of working with so many fantastic women who’ve helped shaped the future.  

As you probably know, Angelfish Opinions was co-founded by women 

Co-founders Lisa Boughton and Sophie Zadeh established Angelfish Opinions and its sister companies Angelfish Fieldwork and Angelfish Marketing ten years ago, alongside co-founder Rich Stephens, after working in the market research industry and identifying a need for a more flexible approach to recruitment and the way a Fieldwork agency works in market research – and they’ve never looked back!

On International Women’s Day, they reflect on the women that inspired them to take chances and empower others:

 “My boss when I was 16 years old (up until I turned 21) was a great inspiration to me. She taught me that no matter what life throws at you, it’s how you deal with it that will make you.  

No element of running a business was beneath her, and she never asked anyone to do something that she wasn’t prepared to do herself.  

Despite being the manager, she also never hid from the day-to-day, strived to exceed customer expectations and was always there for her staff. She also knew how to let her hair down and we had some awesome parties! If I’m half the manager that she was, I would be proud.”


“Despite being a fictional character, I’ve always been inspired by Lara Croft for her strength, adventurous spark and sheer determination to get the job done – no matter what challenges are placed in front of her. Which, funnily enough, are exactly the traits Lisa and our co-founder Rich both possess that lift me up, and make us the formidable team that we are!”  


We’re proud to be home to a group of fantastic, talented and hard-working women (and men) here at Angelfish! You can get to know us a bit better on our About Us page, and our ‘Five Minutes With’ blogs introducing Kelly, Belle and Molly.

3 ways women are making their mark in paid market research:  

1. Inspiring the present and future of well-known brands  

 When you think of your favourite brands, what comes to mind? Technology or games creators? A particular retail store? A supermarket chain? All of these and more will have been impacted by the voices and opinions of women!   

For example, just some of the awesome brands our women participants have worked on paid market research projects with here at Angelfish include LG, Google, Alcohol, SKY & Vodafone.  

Paid market research for mums and other projects for women

2. Shaping the future of products and services for mums  

Paid market research is a powerful means for mums to shape the products and services that they and their children use on a daily basis.   

From focus groups to online communities and more, paid market research for mums offers a great opportunity to earn a little extra money around a busy lifestyle.  

Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people and make friends. If you’re a new mum, for example, having a support network of other mums around you can be truly uplifting; taking part in paid market research for mums is therefore a great way of meeting other mums!  

We’ve been lucky enough to invite mums of all experiences and backgrounds to take part in paid market research opportunities over the years here at Angelfish; be sure to check keep an eye our current projects page and Facebook/Instagram accounts for the latest opportunities!  

3. Cracking down on gender stereotypes and prejudices  

By taking part in market research, women are making waves in the modern world and getting their voices heard in places where they have previously been silenced.  

As an example, some of our participants took part in an exciting project not too long ago that explored female inclusivity in the world of gaming – and projects like it are looking to be popular for the foreseeable future!   

Taking part in market research gives you the opportunity to share your opinions with large corporations, making positive changes to products, services and brands, and as part of that you are improving society for everyone, ensuring that women’s views are represented. 

In fact, we have tons of opportunities for women to take part in paid market research here at Angelfish!  

Don’t identify as a woman? Don’t let that you put you off – we need people from all walks of life to take part in market research projects! 

If this is something you’d like to get involved in, be sure to check out our current projects and sign up for our panel!   

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