8 top tips on how to boost your piggy bank!

With living expenses rising all the time, people are always interested in how to make some extra money on the side. After all, who doesn’t want to put a few pennies away for a rainy day or have an extra boost to their cash flow during the long wait until payday? In today’s busy world, though, the problem is finding the time to do so – but there are some easy ways! From taking part in paid market research focus groups to flogging old clothes on eBay, you’d be surprised at the number of money-making options that are out there…

Sell your old things

First things first, good old eBay allows you to sell unwanted goods and old clothes you no longer need and usually pays the best compared to all the other auction sites out there. Check out for more info.

Next up, look at sites such as that specialise in selling old goods to people who are looking for a bargain. The trick is to be targeted in your selling for the best-selling success and profit margin.

Make some extra money on the side

You can register to take part in paid market research studies and join in with focus groups, or check out some online survey sites that offer to pay you for your feedback. Not only can you get your voice heard, but you can also get paid for giving your opinion on exciting brands and products during face-to-face focus groups or taking part in online surveys. It’s really good fun! Check out Angelfish for more information on how to make some extra money on the side and sign up for paid market research.

Get your camera out!

How about making a profit from taking photos? If you’re a bit of a budding photographer, why not upload your digital photos to photo bank websites such as and earn royalties for each one sold. If you’re a keen photographer you probably already have a whole host of photos that are just waiting to be unleashed – so most of the work is already done!

how to make some extra money on the side


If you’re running a small business from home, why not apply to see if you’re eligible for a government grant? Do your research on the Internet via search engines and find out exactly what money you could be entitled to. You could potentially bag a grant in excess of £1000 or more. Check out for more info.

Car boot sale

Why not organise a car boot sale to sell off all your unwanted items? Whilst you’re busy selling you can also buy some goods on site at rock bottom prices then up-sell them to eBay and make a nifty profit. Don’t forget to take a car boot partner with you on the day so they can cover your stall whilst you browse for items!


Start with friends and family to build up your reputation – once you have a proven track record you could command up to £8 per hour!

Do your research

Re-organise your banking and maximise the interest your savings are making for you. So many people are losing out on great rates because they just haven’t bothered to check out the latest high street bank account deals and just five minutes work can save you ££££’s over the year. Check out to compare rates and view the latest offers.

We’re always on the lookout for participants for our paid market research focus groups, online surveys, and online communities. Not only is it a great way to make some extra money on the side, but it’s fun too!

We hope that you’ve found our top tips on money making useful! If you would like to participate in paid market research focus groups, sign up here.

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