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4 unmissable tips for balancing life and parenting

Balancing life and parenting is no small feat. As a parent, you’re constantly juggling different priorities: from family life and spending time with your kids to focusing on self-care, to also pursuing your personal goals and ambitions. Sometimes it can feel like finding the right balance is a challenge, but we have some top tips […]


Meet The Team: Five Minutes with Ben Plumb

People come first here at Angelfish Opinions, so we’re putting some of our amazing team in the spotlight so you can get to know them better! You might have met our Project Executive Laura in the past, so here’s Ben, one of our other Project Executives! Hi Ben! First off, why did you decide to […]

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Meet The Team: Five Minutes with Laura

People come first here at Angelfish Opinions, so we’re putting some of our amazing team in the spotlight so you can get to know them better! You might have met our Director of Operations Kelly, or Client Services Executive Harry in the past, so here’s the wonderful Laura, one of our Project Executives! Hi Laura! […]

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What do access and inclusion focus groups do and how can you get involved?

In today’s world, there’s simply no excuse for not being accessible. However, sadly, about 33% of people with physical and mental health conditions or impairments feel that there is a lot of disability prejudice and that they are excluded from society – but thankfully, market research is here to change that! An increased focus on […]

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How getting paid for research participation actually works

Getting paid to share your opinion is a great way to make money on the side. All you need to do is share your thoughts on everyday products, services, and companies. Businesses continuously seek to know what you think about their products and services. You get the chance to make a remarkable positive difference in […]

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4 reasons shopaholics should take part in retail market research

If you enjoy shopping, then chances are you’ll love taking part in retail market research, too!   Market research covers a vast array of different fields; from sports to travel, media to finance and many more. Here at Angelfish Opinions, we’re lucky to have covered a great number of them in our paid market research projects!  One of the most […]

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Meet the team: Five minutes with Molly

Building relationships with our amazing participants is a top priority here at Angelfish Opinions!  From those who are looking to get their voice heard on the products and services they love most to those who are hoping to earn extra money on the side at the same time, we’re always eager to get to know you.  With that in mind, […]

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Love new tech? Take part in market research and get paid for your opinion!

Who doesn’t love technology? Our lives are full of wonderful gadgets and gizmos, and consumers are eager to get their hands on the latest developments in the dazzling world of tech. However, before new products reach the hands of the general population, they need to be thoroughly tested. There are now loads of studies happening […]

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Lockdown Life: Purchasing Habits

Discover the results from our 2020 survey, which takes an in-depth look into people’s purchasing habits leading up to the festive period, and find out how you can make extra money from home by taking part in paid market research projects! The closure of the high street during the first COVID-19 lockdown is something that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.  With all but […]

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4 mind-blowing ways your opinion can really impact a brand

We’ve all got opinions From your favourite cereal to your preferred washing up liquid, the number of products and services we have our own thoughts and feelings about are endless – but we often don’t realise just how important those opinions are, especially to brands.   Whether they’re selling loo cleaner or luxury cars, brands want to make […]