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Don’t forget your toothbrush! Your ultimate summer holiday checklist

The holiday season is definitely upon us and our thoughts are turning to getting away from it all and spending a well-earned break in the sunshine. However, there’s one sure fire way to ruin a holiday and that is forgetting to pack the essentials, but don’t worry, help is at hand in the shape of our ultimate summer holiday checklist. Need to top-up the piggy bank in preparation? You could make extra money online by signing up to paid market research with Angelfish Opinions!


In an ideal world, all you would need to take on holiday would be a bikini and a sun hat, but it pays to be prepared for all eventualities. Check the weather forecast before you go so you can make sure you pack what you need, as there can be a rainy day at pretty much any destination. However, hopefully, you’ll be packing for the heat and that means having the opportunity to cover up as much as strip off.

  • Shorts – include both loose fitting ones that will slip easily over a swimsuit and keep you cool, plus a tighter denim pair for nights out
  • T-shirts and vests – take some strappy vests so you can keep cool, plus some looser T-shirts so you can cover up and not get burnt
  • Dresses – maxi dresses that can be dressed up or down for evening or day wear
  • Sleepwear – forget that snuggly onesie and take a light cotton top and shorts for keeping cool during those hot nights


Whilst the idea of only taking a pair of flip-flops on holiday is attractive, it’s not actually that practical because you will be doing other things on holiday apart from walking between the pool and the bar.

  • Sandals – take a pretty pair for going out and a practical pair that you can wear in the sea and by the pool and not worry about getting wet.
  • Heels/evening shoes – a pair of nice heels or a classy pair of flats will be perfect for going out to dinner
  • Trainers – if you’re exploring a town or going on a walk, trainers will be way kinder to your feet than sandals


Hopefully, you’ll be spending a lot of time lying around in your swimwear, so make sure you’ve got plenty to last you!

  • Bikinis – take 3 per week to save an annoying amount of washing and drying. However, always wear a swimsuit you feel comfortable, and one-pieces and tankinis are not only kind to your curves but have the added benefit of keeping you more covered up from the sun

Now is the perfect time to shop for swimwear, plus you will probably find some great bargains at this time of year

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Details are important, so be vigilant about bringing the correct accessories.

  • If you’re anything like us, you’ll lose at least one pair of sunglasses, so take a couple of cheap pairs that you can shove in a bag
  • Hat – Crucial for spending time in the sun. A woven straw hat always looks great and won’t break the bank
  • Towel. Obvious, but easy to forget! Take a huge beach towel to keep you warm after you’ve been swimming
  • Jewellery – You probably won’t be wearing any during the day, so just take a few elegant pieces that will work with your evening wear
  • Beach bag – Take a classy beach bag that can fit all your bits and pieces in the daytime, but also double as an evening bag if you need it


  • Sun cream – face, body and don’t forget you’re an SPF lip balm. Take various factors, but the most crucial is 50 for when the sun is hottest. A tan is sexy, looking like a lobster isn’t
  • After sun – one with insect repellent for applying in the evening when the bugs are out
  • Shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Most hotel will supply these, but they won’t be your favourites
  • Deodorant – it’s going to be hot, after all!
  • Razors and tweezers for keeping things neat
  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Hairbrush – for that tangled sea salt hair
  • Makeup – you’ll want to keep it minimal, so just take the essentials: waterproof mascara, concealer, and highlighter


  • Passport – the most essential thing of all, as you can’t travel without it
  • Travel insurance – email your documents to yourself AND carry a hard copy
  • Visa – if you need one, make sure you have it with you
  • Currency – you’ll probably get a better exchange rate if you change your money in the UK, but you will be able to use your card in most countries
  • Phone and charger – your phone will probably double as your camera, and your hotel will have wifi so you can keep up with all your Whatsapp groups. Don’t forget a universal plug so you can keep it charged.

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