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Your top questions about market research with children answered!

This guide will answer all your questions about market research with children, the safety of your information and that of your child, and how you can participate.

Children can be very opinionated and insightful. Unlike adults, they rarely censor their opinions, a much-needed trait, especially when conducting paid market research.

Children’s wants and needs drive purchase decisions for most parents. Their favourite anime show becomes their bedroom decor and favourite pyjamas; a popular theme park becomes the next family vacation destination, and so on.

For many brands, understanding children’s behaviours and attitudes is critical. Consequently, market research with children has become a popular way of gathering information from parents and children. At Angelfish Opinions, we help brands collect these unique perspectives through market research with children.

As a parent, participating in research with your child is an opportunity to spend quality time with them. You also help create a positive change and make extra money you can spend on yourself or your children.

What data protection regulations do you have? How long will my and my child’s details be on your database?

Angelfish Opinions takes the privacy and protection of your data with utmost seriousness. We only use and process your data to invite you to participate in paid market research, improve our services, and support you whenever needed.

We will never use your information for any other purposes except those stated in our personal information policy, and under no circumstances will Angelfish Opinions sell your personal data.

As for children under 16 years of age, they cannot sign up to our community directly. We ensure we obtain clear consent from you as a parent/guardian for your child/ren to take part, or any vulnerable adults in your family. Communication and application for our market research projects are carried out with you, the parent/guardian, on behalf on your child. Furthermore, Angelfish Opinions is a member, and abides by the codes of conduct, of AQR and the Market Research Society, so you can be assured that you and your families’ data is safe and secure as we adhere to strict data security and safeguarding regulations. 

We store your data so we can continue inviting you to participate in research projects until you tell us otherwise. You can request your data to be permanently deleted or amended by emailing info@angelfish-opinions.com.

a child holding an adults hand representing safeguarding in market research with children

What safeguarding measures do you have in place?

At Angelfish Opinions, we ensure we obtain explicit consent from the parent or guardian where children and vulnerable adults are involved, as mentioned above. We also adhere to the Market Research Society’s Guidelines for Research with Children and Young People and the Best Practice Guide on Research Participant Vulnerability.

What kinds of children’s/parent’s brands do you recruit participants for?

We recruit participants for brands offering products and services you and your children use daily, like retail and technology products. We also have children-centred brands providing toys, games, etc. 

Projects can range from testing how easy a game is to use before release, to taste testing food products, or even providing feedback on store layouts for retail.

What impact will my and my child’s input have on the brands you research with? Will we be making a significant, positive difference?

Your and your child’s opinions can change the world for the better. From helping raise awareness on equality and diversity to supporting people in need and raising money for charity, your input will have an amazing positive impact.

For instance, if you advocate for saving the planet through recycling, volunteering, and shopping for sustainable products, one of your favourite brands can ask you to share your opinions on their new packaging made from recyclable materials.

Have you recruited for a lot of parent/child research before?


Family market research is a huge part of our paid market research projects. As such, when conducting market research with children, we have a deep and more focused understanding of you and your child. Plus many of our team are parents themselves.

Whether it’s a face-to-face chat about kids’ toys and games or in-home interviews to see how you use a brand’s product, you can rest assured that we have trained experience for parent/child research.

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How do other parents and children rate Angelfish Opinions as a paid market research company?

Angelfish Opinions is highly rated by people participating in our paid market research programs. We have a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot, with most people saying they had a fantastic, professional experience that was super organised, had excellent communication, and quick payment of rewards.

Here’s what people say about us.

“Taking part was such a delightful experience with my daughter, and I loved to see her confidently speaking with the researchers. I loved how friendly and casual the session was, too!” ~ Farwah, parent and participant

I’m very busy with work and looking after my children – will research projects fit my schedule?

We try and provide a variety of times so that you can fit research projects around your schedule and are mindful of avoiding school hours for our market research projects that involve school-aged children.

Some of the research projects you could take part in with your child include:

  • Online communities
  • Remote video interviews
  • In-home interviews
  • User experience testing (for example, testing an app or website)

These types of methodologies give you more flexibility to fit these around your schedule and those of your child.

Can we take part in research online?


You can take part in the online research that Angelfish Opinions offer. These include online video calls, online communities, and remote user research interviews where you might be asked to share your opinions about a brand or even test a product, such as an online shopping store, from the comfort of your home.

How much does market research with children pay?

Market research with children is a fantastic way of making extra money.

We pay incentives based on the project. Your incentive will most likely be an e-voucher which can re-deemed with a wide variety of retailers. We always make sure to include the incentive amount when advertising every project. Check out our incentive FAQs.

How can my child and I get involved?

Ready to get you and your child into fun market research with children and get paid for it? We’d love to have you on board!

Just sign up here and get paid to share your views.  Please note, you must be aged 16 and over to register with Angelfish Opinions. For projects that carry out market research with children and young adults (under 16 years of age), we require the registration of a parent or guardian and explicit consent to participation of a minor.

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