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Why brands care about what you think

Paid market research gives you the chance to let brands know what you think about their products and services – all the while getting paid to do so! It’s fun, it’s flexible, and it enables you to have your say and make a difference. But why do brands care what you think? 

Well, from designer handbags to dustbin liners, stylish shoes to cleaner for loos, whatever they are selling, brands want their products to be as appealing as possible. And how do they understand what their consumers want and make sure their products appeal? That’s where you come in…

How paid market research works

Brands undertake market research to understand what makes their customers tick. As companies across the world compete to offer the best experience to their customers, your wants, needs and opinions are more important than ever before.

So, whether they need to make decisions about branding, want to test ad campaigns or are trying to improve the customer experience, market research is essential to brands today. 

From market research online communities and focus groups to accompanied shopping and UX testing, there are a number of different methodologies that brands can use to get to know their customers. Read on for five reasons why brands want to understand their customers and why they really do care about what you think.

You can help them create new products and services

Before a brand launches a new product or service, they need to identify a gap in the market. By pinpointing something their customers need, they can be sure that their new offering will be a hit with their target audience – and that’s where market research comes in. 

By using market research, brands can test their ideas to make sure they are heading in the right direction, and any suggestions you make along the way are also really helpful because they can help the brand improve their product. This means when the product is launched, they know they are offering something that their customers truly want and need – all because of you!

You can help them do what they do better

It’s not just about launching new products, though. In order to get ahead of the competition, brands need to constantly improve their current offerings to make sure they continue to appeal to their customers. Your feedback on a brand’s existing products means they can amend, tweak and refine their products to make sure they really hit the spot.

As a customer, your needs and expectations change over time – especially in today’s technologically savvy world where things are changing by the day. By using paid market research to check in with their customers and gain feedback on their existing products, brands can keep up with the times and make sure their offerings remain relevant so they can stay ahead of the competition. 

You can help them make more informed decisions

When brands conduct market research, they collect data from their customers to help them make customer-centric decisions. From price points to packaging and branding to ad campaigns, by asking your opinion, brands can make better-informed business decisions. 

After all, when it comes to making customer-centric decisions, there’s nothing more important than real customer feedback – which means your opinions can shape decisions all the way up to board level!

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You can help them improve their customer experience

In today’s world, the customer is king, and all brands are constantly competing to get ahead and offer the best possible customer experience. Whether it’s getting to grips with your experience of a brand’s different social platforms or user testing to find out how easy it is to use their website, it all adds up to deliver a complete customer experience. 

The only way that brands can make sure that they are offering an unbeatable customer experience is to ask you, the customer! By telling brands exactly what you want from your customer experience, you can help them to improve theirs. Better brand experiences means happier customers too – so everyone’s a winner!

And your kids can help them, too!

But it’s not just your opinion that matters; brands care about what your kids think, too! Young people today are the generation of tomorrow – so if brands want to appeal to their future consumers and stay one step ahead, they need to understand what makes young people tick.

We are living in a digital world, and young people today are digital natives. They have a much better grasp of technology than previous generations, and as such, they are essential for brands to interact with. If brands want to improve their products and services and appeal to younger audiences, market research with kids is essential; plus, kids are often more open and honest than adults, which can lead to much more insightful results.


See, we told you your opinion was really important to brands! If you’ve got thoughts on how different products are marketed, packaged or priced, and want to influence the decisions of your favourite brands, sign up to paid market research with Angelfish and let big brands know what you think.

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