get paid to shop

What’s really involved in an accompanied shop?

You probably think of market research as just filling out online surveys or taking part in focus groups, but it is actually so much more varied than that! Accompanied shops are a popular qualitative market research method used by brands to gain valuable shopper insights. If you love shopping, it’s the dream; you can actually get paid to shop in your favourite high-street stores! Brands want to understand the shopping habits of their customers so that they can make decisions about the products they produce and the services they provide, ensuring that they put their consumers’ best interests first.

What does it involve?

During an accompanied shop, a researcher will join you on the shopping trip, taking in the way you shop and the decisions you make. They will watch out for how you walk around the store, what catches your eye, and when you make your purchase. But don’t worry, they won’t interfere or influence you in any way, perhaps just asking the occasional question while you browse. For example, they could ask what you think about the layout of the shop, what you think works and what doesn’t work.

get paid to shop

Sometimes, you may not even be ‘physically’ accompanied during your shop – a digital assistant could be used. This advancement in technology has allowed for participants to log their customer journey through pictures, videos, texts and checklists. This way, participants may feel more relaxed and therefore act more naturally.

The whole research study can last between half an hour and two hours, depending on the brand’s criteria and the size of the store.


You won’t need to factor in too much travel time as the study will tend to take place in a convenient place for you. Although, of course, this will also depend on the location of the store, and who the brand is!


As a thank you for taking part in the accompanied shop, you will get paid for your time. The value of this incentive will vary depending on the length of the shop, but it will usually be between £40 and £150 paid in the form of cash, gift voucher, cheque, or bank transfer.

How you can get involved!

If you’d like to get paid to shop and influence the decisions of the brands you love, you can sign up to our research panel here. We’re always looking for people who want to get their views and opinions heard, wish to make a difference, and just want to have fun! Once you sign up, you will receive invitations via email to various projects – just choose the ones that suit you.

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