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Want to take part in research remotely? Here’s how!

Remote market research – how to make some extra money during the lockdown

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, everyone in the UK is currently in lockdown. It’s an uncertain time, and all of us are understandably feeling a bit uneasy about the coming weeks and months as we all try to navigate this new normal. We’ve got some good news for you though – if you are due to take part in paid market research with Angelfish, you can still join in with market research at home! And if you haven’t signed up to take part and find yourself getting bored at home, there’s even more good news – all you have to do is click here to get involved! So if you’re looking for a way to make a bit of extra cash whilst you’re stuck inside, look no further.

What is paid market research?

Paid market research basically allows you to let brands know what you think about their products and services whilst getting paid to do so. It gives you the chance to share your opinions, make a difference, and have a bit of fun, too – something we could all do with at the moment! And the truly great thing about paid market research with Angelfish is that it can take place remotely from the comfort of your own home. Not only do we frequently carry out research using online methodologies such as mobile communities and user experience testing which typically take part remotely, but technology today means that most of our methodologies can be done digitally too.

So, for example, whilst you might usually have to travel to take part in a paid focus group, you can now do so online. And if you were booked in to take part in an in-home interview? No problem! It can be conducted via video call or a good old-fashioned phone call instead. So if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money during these stressful times, why not give paid market research a go? Read on to find out all about how online market research at home methodologies with Angelfish work…

Online communities

Online communities involve a group of people taking part in market research via a secure online platform. You can use a tablet, smartphone, app or a computer to take part and there are a range of different tasks to complete, from discussion forums to video diaries – so if you’re bored at home, online communities are a great way to pass the time! You’ll also get the chance to chat to like-minded people too – which our participants always really enjoy. Generally speaking, you’ll have to log in for about 10-20 minutes every day for seven to 10 days. Sound good? Click here to find out more.

Market research at home

User experience testing

User experience testing is a way for brands to find out what you like and dislike about their website or app. You’ll be asked to complete a variety of tasks on a website or app so they can assess how usable it is. Don’t worry; there are no right or wrong answers – they just want to understand your experience so they can make their website or app as enjoyable as possible. User experience tests usually last between 30 minutes to an hour and all you need is an internet connection to take part – making it the perfect methodology to get involved with at home. Want to find out more? Check out this blog for more info. 

Online focus groups

Focus groups are a type of research where a group of people take part in a discussion that is monitored by a moderator. You could be asked to chat about anything from a potential concept to an existing product or even an ad campaign – the important thing is that you all share your opinions. Each group will consist of three to five people and will last between 60-90 minutes. Typically, focus groups take part in person – but they can also be conducted online, so if you were due to be taking part in a focus group with Angelfish, it could well still go ahead via the internet. Focus groups are a great way to meet like-minded people, have a bit of fun and get paid to have your say – so if you want a chance to get involved, find out more here!

One-to-one interviews

One-to-one interviews are another research technique that can take place in the comfort of your own home. Usually, a researcher will come to your house – but as an alternative, video calls such as Skype or Zoom can be used, or of course, there’s a good old fashioned telephone call! The point of a one-to-one interview is that it allows researchers to really get to know you and build a rapport with you so they can understand what you are thinking and feeling and they usually last between one and three hours depending on the nature of the study. Interested? Read all about in-home interviews here.

Why not get the kids involved?

Market research tends to be associated with adults, but children’s opinions are just as important and can offer an important perspective too, so it’s always worth checking with us to see if we are currently working on any projects aimed at children. It’s a fun and stimulating experience and will give them something different to do during these days stuck at home! Find out more about kids and market research here.

Sign up to market research with Angelfish

So, if you are currently booked to take part in market research with Angelfish, make sure you check to see if the research is still going ahead online. And if you’re looking for a way to make a bit of extra money from home, sign up here to start your market research journey! Already signed up? If you know a friend who might be interested in getting involved too, you could earn up to £20 if they successfully take part. Check out our Facebook page for more information. 

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