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Want to shape the future? Take part in User Experience paid marketing research studies!

In this blog, we explore what user experience research is, why it’s more popular than ever and how, by taking part in user experience paid marketing research studies, you can help to shape the future of your favourite tech products and services!  

In a recent blog, we discussed how taking part in paid marketing research helps to shape everyday essentials.

In it, we touched upon the ways that market researchers use the opinions of those who regularly use their products and services, to not only improve them as they are now but also develop new ideas for the future. 

However, it’s not just everyday essentials that require your opinions for improvement and development; almost every product or service you come into contact with on a daily basis has been the subject of a market research study – and this is where user experience testing comes into play! 

Read on to discover more about user testing and why you should get involved if you want to shape the future… 

What is user experience testing? 

User experience testing (UX) is a type of research conducted when a company or researcher wants to understand how their target audience uses their products or services, and what kind of experiences they get from using it. This usually centres around apps, websites and tech devices. 

This enables businesses and companies to make any further developments or changes to a product before it goes out into the wider world!  

For example, VR headsets, smart home technology such as Alexa and other amazing gadgets were honed and developed into what they are today using UX data gathered from market research participants.  

What’s especially exciting is that these research projects are still ongoing to make sure that these products are still easy and comfortable to use, and meet their users’ needs and expectations! 

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Why is UX research taking place now more than ever?

We are currently living in “The Information Age,” initiated by the world’s rapid transition into an economy that centres around information technology. As a result, more technological advances are taking place, and more technological products and services are being developed.  

E-reading devices are taking over from physical books, online video games are more popular than ever before, streaming services are taking over from DVDs, and smartphone growth and usage is continuing to rise – and those examples only scratch the surface!  

And that’s all before the COVID-19 pandemic hit; due to social distancing and the national lockdown, there was a near-instantaneous surge in tech usage across the country.  

What’s more, businesses had to adapt to working from home technologies, and retail companies had to review their websites and apps to ensure they catered for the boom in online shopping as physical stores were forced to close. 

With the end-user (i.e., you!) at the centre of it all, there has been a boom in UX research to ensure that everyone making use of these technologies – whether products, websites, apps, or something else entirely – has a seamless and enjoyable experience.  

… and why should you get involved?

Really, the question above should be “why not get involved?”!  

As with other market research methodologies, such as accompanied shops and online communities, taking part in UX paid marketing research is a great way to earn an extra bit of cash.  

Your opinions and experiences are hugely valuable to the companies making the products and developing the websites and apps that they’re testing out, so the researchers conducting the study will gladly compensate you for the time and effort you put in.  

Plus, if you’re a lover of tech in particular, UX research can be loads of fun. Just imagine getting to try the latest VR headset before anyone else – and maybe even seeing your ideas or suggestions used in the final design!  

In summary… the thoughts and opinions that you share by taking part in this research could shape the future!  

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Fancy giving UX paid marketing research studies a go?

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