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Five top tips to be a paid market research superstar

When you’re taking part in paid market research, fitting the right criteria and being chosen for a research project is only half of the story; there are plenty of things you can actively do during the process to make sure you get the most enjoyable and useful experience possible.  Here are five top tips to help you become a paid market research superstar.

Be on time!

Being punctual is crucial, because if you’re not there when the research starts you might not be eligible for the research, and may not receive the incentive. This is particularly important when attending focus groups, as there will be a whole group of people relying on each other to arrive on time and get things off to a smooth start. If you’re attending a focus group, leave yourself a margin of error of at least 15 minutes to ensure you have plenty of time to get to the venue and are prepared in case something happens on the way, such as a missed bus or flat tire. Remember to ask the company who recruited you for contact details so you can get in touch if you are running late. If you’re taking part in a market research online community or online focus group, it’s vital that you remember to log in every day. If you know you have a mind like a sieve and are likely to forget, set yourself a reminder.

Be prepared

Paid market research isn’t just about turning up and talking, you will also have to remember to bring certain items with you. Photographic ID will be required for all face-to-face research methods, otherwise, you won’t be allowed to participate, plus, as the research is client specific, you may be asked to bring other items along with you. You will need to be responsible for bringing along things that you know will make you more able to participate in and enjoy the research, such as reading glasses.

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Speak up

Market researchers really value your opinion, so it’s super important that you are happy to give it. Focus groups rely on all the participants being open, chatty, honest and forthcoming about their own thoughts and enjoying engaging with other people about their opinions. If you just sit back and let others do the talking or don’t want to talk to the other participants, you might not be eligible for other research projects. Your opinion really counts, so don’t be afraid to share it!

Are you listening carefully?

Alongside giving your opinion, the other vital skill for taking part in market research and focus groups is the ability to listen well. Listening carefully to other people’s opinions allows you to participate more effectively in the conversation and helps you remained mentally engaged in what is going on. You might learn some nifty hacks about your favourite products and services that will ultimately enhance the way you use them.

Confidence is key

Speaking in front of a group of strangers can be scary but you can take real confidence from the fact that your opinions are incredibly valuable and people want to hear what you’re saying. If you demonstrate a passion for your topic you will make more of an impact on the discussion and the researchers, meaning you’re more likely to be considered for future research.

There is a huge amount to gain from being a paid market research superstar, so why not sign up to our panel now and find out for yourself?

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