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The 8 best tech bloggers to follow in 2017

Are you a total tech fiend or a gadget geek? If you love to keep abreast of what’s on trend in the world of tech there are loads of great blogs out there, but which ones can you truly trust for the best information and reviews? We’ve carefully selected a list of the top eight tech bloggers that you should be following.

Geeky Gadgets

Geeky Gadgets is a comprehensive site that provides up to the minute information on all the latest tech, including hardware, software and gadgets from around the world. The team are a passionate bunch who provide impartial reviews on all latest tech stuff, which, despite the name of the site, includes gaming, Android, Apple, automobile and software, as well as the newest gadgets.


CNET is a site that is serious about technology, offering readers clear and useful information on what’s new, what matters and how the latest tech can improve their lives. They offer unbiased reviews and insightful videos on the latest tech trends and plenty of entertaining and fun opinion-based articles.

Gizmodo – UK

Gizmodo has a wider focus than the average tech site and covers new in the world of science and design as well. They take an irreverent tone and provide plenty of entertaining coverage of strange news and odd events from around the world – the perfect site for those who love a liberal dash of humour with their tech!


Tech Crunch is a massively popular site that receives an impressive 12 million unique visitors each month, so you can trust that these guys know their onions. The site is at the forefront of tech, profiling startups, reviewing the latest internet products and breaking the latest tech news. It also includes the Crunch Network, a lively forum that allows readers to discuss all aspects of tech.

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Engadget was founded in 2004 and offers loads of information on the latest cutting edge devices and the technology behind them, and tries to understand the impact that they have on our lives. They focus primarily on hardware – so there isn’t much in way of reviews of software and apps – and how we use it to stay connected.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends tries to put the simplicity back into technology to help readers understand how it affects their lives and the way they live. Their straightforward approach covers product reviews and trustworthy technology news, and takes a lot of the mystery out of the sometimes complicated world of tech.


Ubergizmo offers the same in-depth reviews and technology news as the other blogs, but has a further weapon in its arsenal in the shape of tutorials on how to use various gadgets and apps, such as how to face swap on Snapchat. These guys are super geeky, but they explain electronics in a way even the biggest technophobe can understand.

Like Cool

Like Cool covers your average news and reviews but they also gave a magpie-like eye for the wackier end of gadgets and technology, such as a toaster that has been designed specifically for bacon and ‘shower beer’ (yep, it exists!). They post fun ‘how to’ videos, like how to survive a lion attack, and useful hacks, like how to modify a bog standard IKEA lamp into an exploding Death Star. What more could you want?

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