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Take part in market research and have fun whilst earning money!

Market research is very important to businesses, brands and organisations as it allows them to speak directly to the people who use their products: people like you! When you take part in market research and share your opinions through fun and engaging ways such as focus groups and online communities, this allows researchers like us to find out your thoughts about a particular product or service. We then share this information back to the business or brand, who uses your feedback to make important changes to the way they do things.

 What are the most popular areas of market research at Angelfish Opinions?

Food and drink. Who doesn’t enjoy eating and drinking (and getting paid for it)? Some of our lucky participants have recently taken part in studies that we have conducted for highly popular restaurant chains, plus we have also had opportunities for people to try products at home, including vegetarian food and tasty confectionery.

Technology. Do you know your apps from your interfaces? If technology is your thing, you could take part in one of our tech studies, which can range from chatting with others as part of an online community to usability testing for new gadgets; perfect for those who love to play with new toys!

Fashion is a hugely popular area within paid market research, especially studies focussing on online shopping habits and trialing popular shopping apps. This type of research is very varied and could take the form of group discussions, online communities, and even creative workshops. At Angelfish Opinions we have conducted studies for a number of leading international fashion brands.

Health and fitness. Health and fitness are a big part of our culture and you can take part in market research that covers many areas, from diets and keeping fit to giving up smoking. If you care about your health, you’ll definitely enjoy taking part in the group discussions and online communities that we run.

Why should I take part?

If you take part in market research, this allows you to give your opinion on the services, brands and products that you love and that are part of your day-to-day life, something that is both satisfying and fun. As well as this, there is the financial incentive; your opinions are so important that companies are prepared to pay for them. Plus, you can take part in many of the research methods from the comfort of your own home!

How can you get involved?

If there is a particular area of paid market research that you would like to get involved in, we recommend you keep a close eye on our Facebook page, where we post details of all of our upcoming studies. If you have a real passion for fashion, are a technology geek or have a keen interest in any of the many other areas of research that we cover, you’ll probably find that something that suits you comes up pretty quickly!

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