A happy multi generation family out on a walk together representing family market research

Market Research – Fun for all the family!

Did you know that, as well as taking part in market research on your own, you can also take part with your family? 

Family market research has soared in popularity in recent years – particularly thanks to the pandemic, and the impact that this has had on families.  

This, therefore, means that there are now more opportunities than ever before for you to be a participant in paid market research projects – and that your family can get involved in the fun, too!  

But why exactly do businesses want to hear your family’s thoughts and opinions? What kind of research is out there to partake in? And why should your family give it a go? Read on to find out!  

A happy family at home together taking part in family market research via a tablet device.

Here are the questions we’re asked the most often about family market research…  

Why do businesses want the opinions of families like ours? 

As the saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – and nothing could be further from the truth in family market research!  

While the views of a parent, grandparent or child can hold so many great insights for brands and businesses on their own, when brought together, they can give researchers insights that they may have otherwise never been able to discover.  

This means that they can create better and better products and services that will work for your family as a whole unit!  

For example, we previously ran a project with a well-known British media company on how parents and children interacted with their streaming site, which helped the company design the site so it could be better used by everyone in the family, not just adults or children separately.  

Why should our family take part? 

There are numerous reasons to take part in family market research, but here are just a few: 

  • It’s a great family bonding opportunity – doing family projects and activities is cited as being a great way to become closer as a family unit.  
  • You’ll have a say in the products and services that affect you all – you might even, as a unit, be the very family that sparks a new product or service idea for one of your favourite brands!  
  • You can all earn yourselves some pocket money – the incentives provided from taking part in market research are chosen to appeal to each member of your family, for example, gardening vouchers for adults, and toy vouchers for children! 

… and here are some testimonials from the families that have taken part in research projects with us here at Angelfish, and why they loved it: 

“Taking part was an easy experience, and I appreciated all the reminders from Angelfish as life can be hectic and I am prone to forget! The game testing was interesting, and the people were lovely and patient with my daughter and she enjoyed it. Great little incentive to go into her bank. Thanks for the opportunity!” 

– Lisa, parent and participant 

“My daughter really enjoyed taking part and finished the session feeling she had made a valuable contribution to the app development.” 

– Kerry, parent and participant 

“Taking part was such a delightful experience with my daughter, and I loved to see her confidently speaking with the researchers. I loved how friendly and casual the session was, too!” 

– Farwah, parent and participant 

A family sat around a table taking part in family market research

What kind of projects can my family get involved in? 

…Where do we start? There’s no end to the potential of the kinds of projects you can get involved in, including the following: 

Accompanied shops – for example, you could be asked to go on a family shopping trip together at a popular department store while a researcher observes what you get up to. 

Focus groups – for example, being in a room or on a remote video call with a group of other families of similar ages or generations, sharing your opinions, thoughts and ideas on a company’s upcoming product release. Just one real-life example is a project we recruited for recently at Angelfish, where children completed a task based around a famous book series, and parents then joined a remote focus group to share their thoughts on their children’s favourite books! 

In-home interviews – for example, a researcher may visit your home and chat with all of you together as you live your daily life, so they can see where their products and services might best fit in with it. For example, we recently ran a project here at Angelfish where families had the chance to view a family show Gogglebox style and share their thoughts as a family unit!  

User experience testing – for example, a company may ask you and your family to try out their new family-friendly website, to check that it all works as it should and see if you or your family have any ideas on how to make it better. Or you might even get to conduct the testing yourself, as was the case with one of our previous projects at Angelfish, where the researcher asked parents to film their children answering questions about video games! 

It sounds great! How do we get involved? 

This one’s easy – by signing up to our participant panel here at Angelfish Opinions! 

Throughout this blog, we’ve shared some great examples of the family market research projects our panel of participants have been involved in over the years, which will have hopefully whetted your appetite.  

Be sure to browse the opportunities we currently have available here, and sign up to become a part of our community below…