Market research with children

Five reasons why market research can be great fun for kids

We keep harping on about how much fun paid market research can be for adults; but did you know that market research can be great fun for kids, too? Yes, really! Not only is it really valuable for brands to hear what children and young people think about their products first hand, but kids really enjoy the process, too. 

Paid market research gives children a chance to try something new and build their confidence – and they might even make some new friends as well. So, if your kids are bored at home during lockdown and you’ve used all of the tricks up your sleeve to keep them entertained, why not give market research with children a go? Here are five reasons why you should…

It’s something different to do

If your children are climbing the walls during lockdown, they’re not the only ones! Spending day in, day out inside will naturally take its toll after a while – and if you are trying to balance work with fun activities and homeschooling, you are most likely feeling the pressure as well.

And that’s exactly why market research with children is such a good idea. Not only is it super fun, but it’s something different to do, too! (And if you’re looking for other ideas to keep the kids entertained, make sure you check out this blog too).

They can make new friends

We’re always saying that taking part in paid market research gives adults the chance to meet like-minded people and make new friends – and the same is true for kids, too! Although we are now on lockdown which means research is taking place remotely, forums and video chats still give your little ones a chance to speak to other children and build relationships. 

What’s more, because the other children taking part will have similar interests to them, they will already have a shared experience to bond over! So if your kids are missing their friends at the moment, market research could be the perfect chance for them to make new ones.

It helps to build confidence 

Not only is market research really good fun for kids, but it also helps to build their confidence. For starters, being asked to share their opinion and make a real difference is confidence-boosting in itself; it makes them feel grown up and highlights how important their opinions are, which can do wonders for their confidence. 

Not only that, but the action of expressing their opinion in a group setting (whether it is online, face-to-face or via a forum) is another fantastic way to help their confidence soar.

Canva Photo of Child Watching Through Imac 1024x683 - Five reasons why market research can be great fun for kids

Screen time with a difference

Kids today are digital natives. They are a tech-savvy generation, and they probably can’t even remember a life before smartphones and tablets, which means they are really comfortable online – and this makes them the perfect participants for online market research! 

Plus, if you’re feeling anxious about the amount of screen time your kids are having during lockdown, paid market research gives them the chance to use screen time productively rather than swiping through YouTube or uploading videos to TikTok. 

So, if your kids are attached to their phone, why not encourage them to use that time to get involved in market research with children, meet new people, and make a real difference?

They can add to their pocket money

When anyone takes part in market research, they will always receive an incentive as a thank you for their time – and the same is true for kids, too. Receiving an incentive will give them something to look forward to, whether it’s a voucher or money to add to their pocket money, and it will also reaffirm how important their opinion is which will make them feel grown up! 

And don’t worry, it goes without saying that the incentives on offer will be suitable for their age-group and a fair reflection of the time they have put into the research.

Want to find out more?

If your kids are interested in taking part in paid market research with Angelfish, simply sign up here to get involved. Rest assured, at Angelfish we strictly adhere to the MRS codes when working with children, and protecting them is always at the top of our agenda.

So, if you want to find out more about the studies we are currently working on, make sure you keep checking our current projects page to see if there’s anything that tickles your fancy!

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paid market research

Why brands care about what you think

Paid market research gives you the chance to let brands know what you think about their products and services – all the while getting paid to do so! It’s fun, it’s flexible, and it enables you to have your say and make a difference. But why do brands care what you think? 

Well, from designer handbags to dustbin liners, stylish shoes to cleaner for loos, whatever they are selling, brands want their products to be as appealing as possible. And how do they understand what their consumers want and make sure their products appeal? That’s where you come in…

How paid market research works

Brands undertake market research to understand what makes their customers tick. As companies across the world compete to offer the best experience to their customers, your wants, needs and opinions are more important than ever before.

So, whether they need to make decisions about branding, want to test ad campaigns or are trying to improve the customer experience, market research is essential to brands today. 

From market research online communities and focus groups to accompanied shopping and UX testing, there are a number of different methodologies that brands can use to get to know their customers. Read on for five reasons why brands want to understand their customers and why they really do care about what you think.

You can help them create new products and services

Before a brand launches a new product or service, they need to identify a gap in the market. By pinpointing something their customers need, they can be sure that their new offering will be a hit with their target audience – and that’s where market research comes in. 

By using market research, brands can test their ideas to make sure they are heading in the right direction, and any suggestions you make along the way are also really helpful because they can help the brand improve their product. This means when the product is launched, they know they are offering something that their customers truly want and need – all because of you!

You can help them do what they do better

It’s not just about launching new products, though. In order to get ahead of the competition, brands need to constantly improve their current offerings to make sure they continue to appeal to their customers. Your feedback on a brand’s existing products means they can amend, tweak and refine their products to make sure they really hit the spot.

As a customer, your needs and expectations change over time – especially in today’s technologically savvy world where things are changing by the day. By using paid market research to check in with their customers and gain feedback on their existing products, brands can keep up with the times and make sure their offerings remain relevant so they can stay ahead of the competition. 

You can help them make more informed decisions

When brands conduct market research, they collect data from their customers to help them make customer-centric decisions. From price points to packaging and branding to ad campaigns, by asking your opinion, brands can make better-informed business decisions. 

After all, when it comes to making customer-centric decisions, there’s nothing more important than real customer feedback – which means your opinions can shape decisions all the way up to board level!

Canva Woman Typing A Business Plan On Laptop 1024x509 - Why brands care about what you think

You can help them improve their customer experience

In today’s world, the customer is king, and all brands are constantly competing to get ahead and offer the best possible customer experience. Whether it’s getting to grips with your experience of a brand’s different social platforms or user testing to find out how easy it is to use their website, it all adds up to deliver a complete customer experience. 

The only way that brands can make sure that they are offering an unbeatable customer experience is to ask you, the customer! By telling brands exactly what you want from your customer experience, you can help them to improve theirs. Better brand experiences means happier customers too – so everyone’s a winner!

And your kids can help them, too!

But it’s not just your opinion that matters; brands care about what your kids think, too! Young people today are the generation of tomorrow – so if brands want to appeal to their future consumers and stay one step ahead, they need to understand what makes young people tick.

We are living in a digital world, and young people today are digital natives. They have a much better grasp of technology than previous generations, and as such, they are essential for brands to interact with. If brands want to improve their products and services and appeal to younger audiences, market research with kids is essential; plus, kids are often more open and honest than adults, which can lead to much more insightful results.


See, we told you your opinion was really important to brands! If you’ve got thoughts on how different products are marketed, packaged or priced, and want to influence the decisions of your favourite brands, sign up to paid market research with Angelfish and let big brands know what you think.

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Market research process

What is paid market research and how do I get selected?

Have you ever thought about taking part in paid market research? Or perhaps you’ve wondered what is involved and how the market research process works? Well, wonder no more – we’re here to tell you all about it! Paid market research with Angelfish is fun, it’s flexible – and it’s a great way to make a bit of extra cash. So if you fancy sharing your opinions with your favourite brands whilst meeting like-minded people and making new friends, read on to find out how to get started.

What is paid market research?

At its most basic, paid market research allows you to let brands know what you think whilst getting paid to do so. It gives you the chance to share your opinions and have your say so that you can make a difference – and you can have some fun along the way, too!

The research could be used for a number of things, from driving decisions about a company’s branding and marketing to helping improve the customer experience. It varies for each study, but don’t worry – we’ll always give you as much information as we can. So if you’ve got any thoughts on how products are marketed, branded, packaged, or priced, market research gives you a chance to let big brands know what you think and why.

Who can get involved?

The great thing about paid market research with Angelfish is that absolutely anyone over the age of 16 can take part. You don’t need to have any previous experience or special qualifications; it’s just about wanting to share your opinions in order to help brands make customer-centric decisions!

What about privacy and data protection?

Rest assured that at Angelfish, we take your privacy very seriously and we will do everything in our power to protect it. As members of the Market Research Society, we strictly adhere to all the necessary codes of conduct, including the Data Protection Act 1998. And don’t worry, we’ll never sell or pass your information on to third parties either. If you want to find out more, our Personal Information Policy and Privacy Policy explain how we handle your information in more detail.

How do I sign up?

It couldn’t be easier to get the market research process started – all you need to do is sign up to our panel! We’ll ask some quick questions about you and ask for your contact information and voila – your sign up is complete! Once you’ve signed up, you’ll join our panel of like-minded people who want to share their opinions and make a difference to the brands they love. 

As soon as the right opportunity comes up for you, we’ll send you an email with the option to apply online and complete some eligibility questions. After that, a member of our lovely team with contact you over the phone to have a chat and discuss the opportunity further.  

What if I don’t get picked?

Each market research study is unique and depending on the objectives of their research, our clients often have pretty specific criteria – so it is possible that you might not always meet our clients’ criteria to take part. Don’t worry, though – we’re working on new studies all the time, so there will be more invitations winging their way over to you soon!

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for information about any upcoming studies which you might be interested in. Also, if we send you an invitation and you think it isn’t quite right for you but that it might be perfect for a friend, you can get paid for referring participants as part of our refer a friend scheme too!

What do I get for taking part?

Once the research has taken place, you’ll receive an incentive as a little thank you from us for taking part. These vary for each study and mainly come in the form of vouchers, and depending on the type of incentive on offer you could receive it the same day or up to three weeks later.

photo 1573497491208 6b1acb260507 1024x683 - What is paid market research and how do I get selected?

What is involved?

At Angelfish Opinions, we use a variety of fun and exciting methodologies to find out what you think and why. Here are a few examples of the types of market research methods we use:

Accompanied shopping  

This is where you essentially get paid to go shopping! Yep, you read that right – accompanied shops are a way for brands to find out why people shop the way they do. It involves a researcher joining you on a shopping trip to observe your shopping habits first hand (don’t worry though, you won’t have to buy anything out of your own pocket!). They’ll watch what you do and why you do it so they can understand why you make the decisions you do. Usually, an accompanied shop will last between 30 minutes and two hours depending on the type of study, the size of the store and how in-depth the research is.

Paid focus groups 

Focus groups are a type of research where a group of people come together to take part in a discussion monitored by a moderator. You’ll discuss anything from a product to a potential concept and are encouraged to share your opinions with the group. As well as getting paid to say what you think, focus groups are a great way to meet like-minded people and have a bit of fun. And there’s tea and biscuits, too! Each group will consist of six to 10 people and will last for around 60-90 minutes.

Online communities 

In an online community, a group of people join a secure online platform to take part in a discussion or complete a variety of different tasks. With an online community, you can take part in paid market research from the comfort of your home, so it’s a great one to fit in around busy lives. Online communities also give you the chance to chat to other like-minded people, which our respondents always really enjoy. Usually, online communities will require you to log in for around 15-20 minutes a day for seven to 10 days, so it’s really manageable and doesn’t take up too much of your time. 

In-home interviews 

This is another method that takes place in your own home (yay!). A researcher will come to you to get to know you and your opinions in your everyday environment. Don’t worry, you won’t suddenly find a panel of scary-looking interviewers descending on your doorstep; in-home interviews are usually just a discussion between you and one or two researchers, and we’ll always let you know who will be attending in advance and send you a little bio about them too. In-home interviews can last between one and three hours depending on the nature of the study.

User experience testing 

User experience testing allows researchers to find out what you feel when you use a particular website, app or product. User experience tests typically last between 30 minutes and an hour and usually involve you completing various tasks on a website or app or using a product so that researchers can assess its usability. There are no right or wrong answers with user experience tests; brands just want to know how easy things are to use!

Sound good?

If you want to get involved with paid market research with Angelfish Opinions, simply click here to sign up, start the market research process and begin your journey – it couldn’t be easier!

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Market research community

Seven apps you need in your life

Is life getting a bit hectic? With work, activities and endless to-do-lists, it’s no wonder that most of us feel rushed and anxious – and you’re not alone if you’re feeling a bit frazzled. Luckily, thanks to today’s technology, there are more options for getting things done and staying on track than ever before.

From to-do lists to travel, food to fitness, and even making a bit of extra money with a market research community, there’s an app for absolutely everything. But with millions of apps out there, it can be difficult to determine which ones will transform your life and which ones you will just make you feel more flustered. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of seven essential apps that will make your life that little bit easier. What are you waiting for? Start downloading now!

1. Wunderlist – for organisation

Need to pop to the supermarket on the way home from work? Perhaps you need to pick up a birthday card for a friend’s birthday? Or maybe there’s a work email that you keep forgetting to reply to. If you feel like you’re balancing too many plates and there’s just too much to remember, let us introduce you to Wunderlist.

From little tasks to big assignments, it’s a great all-round task management tool  – and if you find yourself drowning in to-do lists, this app is an absolute life-saver. It’s easy to use, allowing you to manage lists, set reminders and keep track of important documents in one intuitive interface so you can say goodbye to that frazzled feeling for good!

2. Map My Fitness – for exercise and fitness

If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, Map My Fitness is a great app. With hundreds of activities to track, it allows you to keep on top of your fitness goals – and the great thing about this app is that it lets you record absolutely everything you do so you can see how your everyday activities add up to a fitter lifestyle.

So from walking the dog to cleaning the bathroom, any time you start an activity, simply launch the app and record how much time you spend doing it to see exactly how many calories you are using up. Every little helps – and the beauty of this app is that because you can see that in action, you’ll be encouraged to keep up your new active lifestyle!

3. Headspace – for wellbeing

Feeling stressed or anxious? You’re not alone – in fact, three million people in the UK are thought to suffer from anxiety. If you feel like you’re running on empty, it could be time for a bit of Headspace,  an app which guides you through a simple meditation practice that is guaranteed to get you sleeping better and feeling less stressed. 

Meditation has an incredible number of benefits to your health. From lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and even helping you to sleep more soundly, meditation is an all-round wellbeing winner. And best of all, with Headspace, you only need to give up 10 minutes of your time – perfect for all you busy bees!

photo 1554257281 3dba342159d5 1024x683 - Seven apps you need in your life

4. Yolt – for money management 

Are you in control of your finances or do you limp towards payday every month? If it’s the latter, you’re in good company – in fact, over half of Brits run out of cash in the lead up to payday. But the clever folks at Yolt believe that in order for people to be able to control their money, they need to understand it – and so the app was born.

Yolt is one easy-to-use app that allows you to view your current account, credit cards, savings account and pension pot all in one place so you can see exactly where your money is. They’ll also do some number crunching so you know exactly where you are spending money each month. 

What’s more, if you’re caught out by direct debits or struggling with pending payments, the payday countdown also learns your habits and takes into account all the payments due before you get paid, giving you the real amount of money left for you to play with after all of your bills have been taken care of. So if you want to make 2020 the year you really manage your money, this is the app for you!

5. Elevate – for brain training

Want to train your brain and build some mental muscle? Then you need to add Elevate to your apps.

With over 40 educational expertly-devised games, Elevate can help you to track, analyse and improve your reading, speaking, listening, writing and mathematical skills.

It starts by testing your existing strengths and weaknesses, before creating a bespoke selection of games to help you hone the areas that need improvement. You only need to put in a few minutes a day to start reaping the benefits, so you’ll start to see an improvement in your skills pretty much straight away. Plus, it’s good fun, too!

photo 1510535043828 3d1edc68071e 1024x683 - Seven apps you need in your life

6. Yummly – for meal planning 

Meal planning is undoubtedly one of the best ways to save money and take back control of your shopping bill. But no matter how good your intentions, if you find yourself struggling to stick to your meal plans, you need to enlist the help of Yummly.

It allows you to customise different diets (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc) as well as highlight foods that you have allergies too. You can also pick your favourite cuisine, make a note of any ingredients you don’t like and log how accomplished your cooking skills are, so they can come up with a perfect meal plan for your needs.

You’ll have lots of yummy recipes to choose from, and you can add all of the ingredients from each recipe straight to your shopping list. You can even set reminders to make sure you start prepping and cooking your food in plenty of time for dinner!

7. Habit List – for self-improvement

Need a gentle nudge in the right direction when it comes to self-improvement? Habit List is an app geared towards developing habits and reaching your personal goals. The tagline is “build a better you” – so if you need a bit of help sticking to your exercise routine or need to be reminded to file your receipts and paperwork, this is the app for you. 

It’s super easy to use: all you have to do is mark down your achievements on a calendar or schedule wannabe habits, and the app will remind you of your daily tasks and send you regular progress reports to monitor how things are going. What’s more, with its user-friendly interface, it’s easier than ever before to set positive habits and start reaching your goals!

Market research with Angelfish

As well as helping you organise your life and reach your goals, did you know that you can also make money with your mobile, too? It’s true – by taking part in paid market research, such as a market research community, with Angelfish, you can make money whilst having fun. So if you fancy trying something new this year, taking part in a market research community is a fantastic way to have fun and save some pennies – all via an app! Want to find out more? Sign up to our panel today.

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Christmas days out for kids

Six super money-saving ideas for the festive season

We’ve probably said it a hundred times, but we love Christmas here at Angelfish! From choosing our favourite Christmas ads all the way to sharing boredom-busting Christmas days out for kids, it’s fair to say that we’re getting pretty excited for the festive season – albeit a little early! There’s just one small downside: Christmas can get expensive – and fast! As we mentioned in our recent blog on taking care of your mental health during the festive season, however, it doesn’t have to. In fact, we’ve found six great money-saving ideas that you can use this year to keep your bank account healthy, and everybody happy!

1.   Stay in

There’s usually a lot of going out to be had around Christmas time – parties, nights on the town, pantomime trips, to name just a few scenarios! But why go out and spend money when you can enjoy staying in? Invite all your friends and/or family around for a Christmas movie marathon, have a mince pie baking session, curl up with a good winter novel and a hot chocolate. It’ll help preserve your energy for the big day, too!

2.   But if you have to go out…

There are ways to keep it cheap. Christmas markets, for example, are a wonderful way to soak up the Christmas atmosphere without spending anything – just take a flask of coffee or hot chocolate with you so you’re not tempted by the vendors!

3.   Don’t go nuts on the food

Next to presents (more on that below), food is probably one of the most expensive aspects of Christmas. People will often fork out to get the “best food” the most expensive supermarkets can offer because – well, it’s Christmas! But blind taste tests have revealed that, in a lot of cases, the cheaper brands are the ones that win out for the best Christmas culinary experience – definitely a  great money-saving idea to invest in!

miroslava eqf26SdE5SI unsplash 1024x683 - Six super money-saving ideas for the festive season

4.   Presence over presents

When it comes to presents and gift-giving, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who’d agree that quality is far superior to quantity. Buying presents for the sake of it is never worth the stress or the money – especially when so many of them just end up going to charity shops! So when choosing something for a loved one, make sure it’s something they need or want (yes, even if it really is just socks!), and that you’ve put more thought that money into it. What’s more, people are much more likely to want you to be there at Christmas than to receive gifts from you but not see you! In sum, presence is greater than presents.

5.   Get your Christmas craft on

One great money-saving idea – in fact, even a way you could make some money and spend more time with friends and family – is to get crafty and creative! Christmas time brings a lot of local fetes and markets along with it; so why not make some Christmas cards or baked goods with help from loved ones and see how much you can sell?

6.   Take part in paid market research

Another wonderful way you can save money – as well as make money – is by taking part in paid market research. We have lots of exiting projects going on here at Angelfish that’ll keep you occupied during the festive season and pop some money in the Christmas fund. If you’d like to know more, check out our current projects here, or register to join our panel of people looking to voice their opinions on their favourite products and services via the button below!

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creative ways to make money

4 creative ways to make money and save your wallet this Christmas

Like it or not, Christmas is coming in all its tinsel-clad, fairly-lit, carol-singing glory. With just weeks to go until the big day, the festive spirit is everywhere—but as jolly as it is, we know that Christmas isn’t for everyone (the expense, in particular).

If you’re reading this and nodding your head, never fear – because we’re here to offer you a festive lifeline. Rather than clearing out your bank account this Christmas, there are a host of creative ways to make money during the festive season—and we’re going to tell you about the best ones.

According to The Bank of England, the average UK household spends over £3,300 on the leadup to Christmas. But not you.

To help you reduce the cost of Christmas this year and take away the festive financial pinch, here are four creative ways to make money this holiday season.

1. Become a consumer critic

Did you know that one of the most creative ways to make money at your convenience is reviewing stuff online?

There are a selection of websites that will pay you for your opinions, often verbally (no writing required!)—over the phone or in person.

Did you know? Here at Angelfish Opinions, you can make money by signing up for focus groups or market research studies. We pay in cash and gift cards, so either way you’ll be in for a festive WinFall.

2. Take part in an identity parade

When we say identity parade, we do mean those police lineups designed to catch criminals. If you’re not particularly enamoured with the Christmas period, taking part in an identify parade is about as anti-festive as it gets. What’s more, it makes for an interesting story, and, it pays a little, too.

The police still use video parades to catch baddies, and they typically pay around £10 to £20. Simply sign up or register your interest with your local constabulary, stand in line, and make a little extra cash.

Lei3 stpiRtHdb3zscPbtBqNeZjvKwriL c tysykMY6NQ36UUS7lTlHQ4cG2e6r6SO2mWi3Spy00L67YB33efuEhFkWd4I0Gjal7vqfQ0SaS20B4SsWVkCWV9I3FCRTf5 FuTzc - 4 creative ways to make money and save your wallet this Christmas


3.  Be a mystery shopper

Next on our list of creative ways to make money list: take part in a little mystery shopping.

While mystery shopping won’t make your rich beyond your wildest dreams, it’s an excellent way of generating some extra cash at Christmas. Plus, you can shop without the burden of parting with endless piles of money. Oh, and occassionally, you get to keep the items you’ve shopped for, so you can give them as gifts. A real win-win.

This guide on how to become a mystery shopper will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

4. Sell your unwanted items

You know what they say: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. We’re not saying that your unwanted items are trash as such, but at Christmas, there will be droves of shoppers looking for a bargain.

In our hyper-connected digital age, there are more platforms, apps, and touchpoints than ever for selling your stuff either on the go or from the comfort of your own home—so do it!

If you’re gadget-mad or a techy type especially, selling your old electronics will give you the capital you need to invest in the latest innovations, inventions, and gizmos on the market. Happy Christmas to you.

We hope these four creative ways to make money have inspired you to get out there and save your wallet some serious damage over the festive season. You may not love this time of year, but wherever you are or whatever you do, we hope you have a warm, happy time this Christmas.

Looking for a little inspiration for Christmas and the New Year? Explore our top 15 podcasts, as recommended by the Angelfish team.

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shutterstock 1357775726

The best travel tour companies for your gap year

This is it. You’ve waved your last goodbye to compulsory education, and you’re ready to embark upon your long-awaited, much-anticipated gap year! Whether you want to spend it in the comfort of your homeland or you’re looking to venture abroad, there’s a multitude of amazing travel tour companies out there just waiting to guide you along what will hopefully become one of the best years of your life. The question is… which company do you choose?

Ultimately, the most important factors this comes down to are:

  • Where you want to go
  • What you want to do when you get there
  • How much you’ve got in your budget

We’ve spent some time picking out some of the most reputable tour travel companies in the business for a variety of gap year dreams, and ways to make extra money to fund it!

To work

  1. Best Gap Year

Location: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, South America, UK

From activity instructors to chefs, teaching internships to Au Pair-ing and even ski resort hospitality, Best Gap Year has a plethora of working gap year opportunities on offer, ranging from ten weeks to several months.

      2. Australia Working Holiday

Location: Australia

Australia Inc. offers fantastic ways of making extra money during your gap year, and promises to help you develop essential career skills such as team building, working under pressure and relationship building – on top of getting to explore some of the most amazing places on earth, of course!

      3. BUNAC

Location: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan  

Experiencing totally new cultures whilst having an unforgettable experience with lots of new friends sits right at the heart of BUNAC’s work experience opportunities. If it’s a high wage or high waves your searching for, delicious foods and stunning beaches, or something equally exotic, read on! 

WORKING GAP YEAR 1024x682 - The best travel tour companies for your gap year

To volunteer

  1. Pacific Discovery

Location: Central America, South America, Nepal & Tibet, Southeast Asia, New Zealand & Australia

Based on the concept of experiential education, Pacific Discovery’s volunteering programmes are designed to challenge, broaden horizons, and merge cultural insights and environmental sensitivity with fun and adventure. 

2. Frontier

Location: … Well, where not?

“You dream it and we will make it happen” – quite the promise, but as’s Top Volunteer Abroad Organization 2016, Frontier’s marine conservation, environmental science efforts, and medical endeavours do truly bring a whole new meaning to volunteering abroad.

        3. International Volunteer HQ

 Location: All over the globe!

As the world’s most trusted and experienced volunteer travel provider, IVHQ is definitely worth a look-in. With projects ranging from teaching and childcare to arts and music, women’s empowerment and special needs care, there’s something on offer for everyone. What’s more, they’re super budget-conscious!

For adventure

  1. Intrepid Travel

Location: Pretty much everywhere!

If you consider yourself an especially adventurous individual, Intrepid Travel has your name on it. Activities range from cycling to sailing, walking and trekking and much more, with the goal of building human connections, supporting local communities, respecting the environment and drawing everyone just that bit closer together.

       2. Trek America

Location: USA, Canada, Alaska and Central America.

If exploring America is your dream, Trek America has over 50 incredible gap year tours to choose from, ranging from 3-75 days. These guys know where all the great and unusual sites and activities are and how to give you an outstanding gap year travel experience in America that’s really fun – and fair on your budget!

       3. Exodus Travels

Location: Again pretty much everywhere, but their top destinations include Italy, Nepal, France, Africa, and Peru.

45 years of experience gives Exodus Travels the ultimate edge in adventure travel gap years; especially as they now offer an extraordinary 500 itineraries across more than 90 countries! The possibilities for action and adventure are equally as endless, such as walking and cycling tours, wildlife encounters, and more.

shutterstock 1335290894 - The best travel tour companies for your gap year

So there you have it! We hope this has given you an appetising taster of the gap year opportunities available out there for you to choose from. We know travelling isn’t particularly cheap though; one of the ways you can make extra money to  bolster for your budget for the adventure ahead is by taking part in paid market research. If this is something you’d be interested in, do get in touch and we’ll help you get started!

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What to expect from a UX testing study

UX testing – otherwise known as user testing, usability testing and/or user experience testing – probably sounds a little tech-y to the non-tuned ear. However, it’s actually just a simple (though super-important) market research method researchers use to understand what consumers do, and why they do it.

This means researchers can really sink their teeth into how good or bad a user’s experience is of a website or app and find ways of making this experience as enjoyable as possible. This way, brands can be sure consumers will return to them time and time again, rather than diverting to their competitors.

Of course, none of this can happen without users to test the brand’s websites and apps out in the first place – which is where you come in! So without further ado, here’s the low-down on what you can expect once you’re set to take part in a UX testing study.

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What will happen on the day?

You’ll be asked to take on a few tasks on the app or website and be observed either by a researcher, or through a recording of your activity via specialist software. Don’t worry, it’s not a test of your ability – it’s just to see what your likes and dislikes are, how easy you find their site or app to use, and whether you stick around or end up looking at competitors websites/apps instead. 

This way, brands can work out what they need to do to make the experience more suitable and enjoyable for you! Due to our increased online presence and the significance of user satisfaction in business success, this process really is more important than ever before.

How long will the UX testing study last?

When using a website or app in an everyday setting, it usually doesn’t take the average consumer long to achieve their desired outcome(s) and move on – probably a few minutes tops. 

With a UX testing study however, businesses and researchers really want to explore how you behave on/interact with their website or app, so the tasks they set you mean you’ll be there significantly longer; typically, around 30-60 minutes.

In some cases, you may be asked to come to a specific location (though it’ll never be too far away), in which case you’ll want to factor in some extra time for travel. However, you might have the opportunity to take part remotely – who knows, you could be making a valuable contribution to businesses and brands without even needing to get out of your PJs! 

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What’s in it for me?

In our increasingly on-the-go world, businesses and brands know just how precious your time is, so they’re always grateful to you sharing for sharing it with them – in fact, you can make money from UX testing! As a thank you, you could earn between £10 and £50 for your contribution – depending on the length and complexity of the study – in the form of money, vouchers, a cheque, or a bank transfer. 

It’s not all about the money, however (thank you, Jessie J!); it’s also a great opportunity to potentially lend a hand to some of your favourite brands and businesses and help them grow. Got a favourite clothing line but struggle to use their website? You could help to change that for the better whilst getting the chance to have your voice heard!

So should I take part?

Absolutely! It’s a fun and educational opportunity to express your thoughts whilst helping businesses to grow – and as we’ve said, you can make money from UX testing! So it truly is an endeavour that leaves smiles all around. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, simply sign up below and we’ll get you started.

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Top trips for the family this half-term

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and it’s most definitely getting colder. Yep, summer is well and truly over for another year. And, as kids across the country put on their shiny new shoes and sharpen their pencils ready for the new school year, before you even know it the October half term will roll around again. So, to ensure you make the most of the October break for your family this year, why not earn some extra spending money and get paid to do market research? It’ll come in handy! To make certain you enjoy this half-term, we’ve put together some of our favourite family-friendly trips to keep everyone happy.

Indoor snow sports

Whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding, sledging or even ice skating, there’s something for everyone  at an indoor snow centre! From taking lessons to prepare for your winter skiing holiday, to showing off your skills on the slopes, enjoying some family sledging fun or making snow angels at a Snow-play session, there are a huge range of exciting activities available for all abilities and ages. Check out The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, The Snow Dome in Tamworth or Snozone in Milton Keynes for more info.


A fantastic event for families with children aged 12 and under, Kidtroplis is a kids paradise with live shows, adventure-filled activities and unmissable entertainment all in one place. There’s inflatable assault courses, Bumper Carz and Mess Around messy play – and the best part? Because the whole event is indoors it’s the perfect activity whatever the British weather has in store. Kidtropolis takes place at ExCeL London from 20-22nd October and you can book tickets in advance here for the best deal.

The Great British Autumn

From 20th October – 4th November, Longleat Safari Park is hosting The Great British Autumn. Celebrating – yep, you guessed it – all things autumn and British wildlife, there’re tons of exciting activities on offer for all the family, from arts and crafts to pumpkin carving and even mini tractor rides! Entry to the event and all the activities on offer are included in your day ticket or annual pass, and you can save up to 15% by booking online. Check it out here.

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Stratford-upon-Avon hosts its annual Halloween Festival throughout all of October. It’s held in Magic Alley on Halloween Street, and this year’s spooktacular event is set to be the best yet. There are activities for the whole family as well as plenty of wizarding history and quirky quizzes. You can even pay a visit to the Haunted Manor for an unforgettably spooky experience! Tickets start at just £7 and under twos go free – check out their website for more info!

RSPB Events

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds host events across the country throughout the year, giving kids a chance to learn all about nature by taking part in hands-on activities and fun games. From stargazing parties to family festivals in the woods, feed the bird weekends to quiz trails, RSPB offers a whole host of activities that are both educational and super fun. Have a look at the website to discover events taking place near you.

Pumpkin Picking

At this time of year, there’s nothing more festive than picking your own pumpkin. It’s a great day out for the whole family, and it beats buying a pumpkin from the supermarket! One of the country’s best pumpkin picking patches is the Spookyard at Over Farm in Gloucestershire. Activities include picking and carving your own pumpkin, finding your way through the spooky maze and tractor rides for all ages. At night it turns into the Frightmare Halloween Festival which is perfect for those who fancy something a bit scarier. Book your tickets in advance here.

National Trust

During October half-term, the National Trust hold different events for families. From conker battles to bat trails, boat trips to spotting scarecrows, there’s lots to do and see at various locations this autumn. Check out their website to find a fun event near you.

So there you have it – our top picks of fun activities for all the family this October half term. And, don’t forget, if you fancy making a bit of extra cash to make this half term even more special, why not sign up and get paid to do market research with Angelfish Opinions?

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How to get paid for market research

Our top FAQs from people who take part in paid market research

Taking part in market research is a fantastic way to let brands know your thoughts and opinions on their products and services –  it’s great fun and a chance to meet new people, too! But that’s not all: paid market research is also an excellent way to earn a bit of extra cash that you can easily fit in around your work or family commitments. If you’d like to find out how to get paid for market research, or would like to learn a little bit more about it before you sign up, read on for our top FAQs…

What will you do with my information?

Here at Angelfish, your privacy is incredibly important to us and we will do everything in our power to protect. We’re members of the Market Research Society and strictly adhere to their codes of conduct which include the Data Protection Act 1998. And don’t worry, we also never sell or pass on information to third parties. If you’d like to find out more, have a read of our Privacy Policy which explains how we process and handle your information in detail.

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What will the research be used for?

Market research is used for a number of different things from one study to the next, but in general the results of market research are used to influence things such as branding, market positioning and to improve customer experiences. If you do decide to take part in paid market research with us, we always give our participants as much info as possible about the study and will always ask for your consent when it comes to things such as using research for advertising purposes.

Will I be paid?

Yes, when taking part in market research with Angelfish you will always receive an incentive to show you how grateful we are for your time. Incentives vary depending on the study you are taking part in, but can be in the form of cash, cheque, bank transfer of gift vouchers. We’ll let you know as soon as possible what the incentive will be and when you will receive it, whether it be cash on the day, a cheque or bank transfer or a gift certificate (which can take up to three weeks).

Can I refer a friend to take part?

Absolutely! In fact, by participating in our refer a friend scheme you could earn up to £20 in Amazon gift certificates if they successfully take part. All you have to do is tell your friends and family about a specific Angelfish project and ask them to give your name and email address when they sign up – it’s that simple! For more information, check out our Facebook page!

If you have any other questions about taking part in market research, our friendly team will be more than happy to help. Just send an email to or call us on 01242 240849 and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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