A diverse group of young people taking part in market research after joining a market research panel with paid projects.

5 signs that you should join a paid market research community

Toying with the idea of joining market research panels with paid projects on offer?

Without sounding (too) biased, we’d say that it’s a fantastic thing to do! And so would the 48,000+ amazing respondents who are a part of our own community here at Angelfish Opinions.

We know though that the only person who can make the decision for sure is you – so, if you’re still debating, read on to discover the signs that you should definitely sign up to a market research community panel:

Diverse individuals taking part in a focus group after joining a market research panel with paid projects.

5 signs you should join a market research community panel:

1. You’d like a bit of extra spending money

If you’re looking for ways to earn a little bit more money to spend on yourself or your friends and family, market research panels with paid projects are a great option.

Depending on the nature of the project and how long you’ll need to participate for, you can get paid really great incentives for taking part, such as cash or vouchers to spend in shops or online.

What’s more, some projects will include additional incentives for those who get really stuck in! For example, in the Cider Bar project that some of our current panel took part in, there were four additional £25 prizes up for grabs (on top of the initial £65 incentive) for those who shared the best ideas on the online community platform!

2. You have opinions to share about your favourite products and services

The reason that brands and businesses around the world conduct market research is because they want to find out what their target customers think of their products and services, including what they love about them and how they can make them better.

So, if you have big opinions about your favourite brands and the products/services they sell that you want to share, joining a market research panel or community is the perfect gateway to this opportunity!

For example, you could find yourself called up to take part in a focus group discussing the household items you use every day and how they could be better, or you could be invited to test out a new video game for your favourite games developer and let them know what you think of it!

3. You enjoy being creative

As well as sharing your opinions about brands, products and services, joining a market research panel with paid projects can also give you the chance to get creative!

Market researchers often want creative people on their communities and panels because they tend to see things from a different angle, and often come up with out-of-the-box ideas that their teams may never have otherwise thought of.

The Cider Bar market research online community we mentioned earlier is a great example again here, as the participants on our panel got to take part in a bunch of creative activities during the project; including the design of their very own cider poster – some of which went on to inspire the final advertising campaign’s design!

A mother with a baby being called about a market research project after joining a market research panel with paid projects.

4. You enjoy sharing your ideas with (and listening to the views of) others

One of the fun parts about taking part in market research projects is the opportunities you get to discuss your ideas with other people.

For example, if you’re a parent accompanying your child to take part in a face-to-face focus group about children’s books or toys, you’ll get the chance to meet other parents with children of a similar age, share your thoughts with them, listen to their viewpoints, and even broaden your outlook and open yourself up to new opinions and ideas!

So, if you enjoy getting into discussions (or even debates) with other people, joining market research panels with paid projects in the pipeline is a great way to do it!

5. You want to make a positive difference in the world

Part of getting to share your opinions about your favourite brands, products and services is that it also gives you the chance to make a positive difference in the world – even if it’s a small one!

For example, if you’re passionate about taking care of the planet, joining a market research community could grant you access to a wealth of relevant projects – for example, an online focus group with a health and beauty brand, where you could talk about recycled/recyclable packaging alternatives.

Similarly, if you’re an individual with a disability or accessibility needs taking part in user experience testing for a brand website, yours could be the voice that guides the company to change elements of their website to make it easier for people with similar impairments to use.

Just a couple of great examples of world-changing projects that members of our panel have taken part in include one around gender diversity and equality in the gaming community, and one where participants helped boost support for a charity.

Think joining a market research community panel might be right for you?

We’d love you to join ours here at Angelfish Opinions! We’ve always got an abundance of exciting projects that you can apply to take part in – and by joining our panel, you’ll be the first to hear about paid research opportunities that align with your interests!

Simply follow the link below to sign up, and be sure to fill out your profile in as much detail as possible so we can send you the projects most relevant to you…

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