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The rise and emergence of the uber-mum

‘Super-mum’. The very phrase immediately conjures up images of frazzled women across the UK. So what exactly is a super-mum? SMs are a high-achieving breed of women who are expected to raise perfect, adorable and healthy children whilst at the same time effortlessly juggling the demands of family life, cooking up a Paleo/low-sugar/gluten-free storm every evening, looking devastatingly fabulous at all times (especially on the school run) and of course maintaining that gorgeous size 8-10 figure.

Oh – and they must also be witty, charismatic, host umpteen dinner parties with scintillating intellectual conversations about ‘trending’ topics, be a ‘socialista’, run pristine and whistle clean living quarters – all while still holding down their high flying careers. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Absolutely. And unfortunately, this phrase is creeping up everywhere. You only have to Google it to see what we are getting at.

The birth of the uber-mum

How is it possible to obtain and sustain this near-godly status, you might ask? Well, gradually, more women are waking up to the reality that it just simply isn’t possible in the real world.  In fact, there is a brand new wave of women on the block who are a little more discerning about the parenting and lifestyle deal. They’ve got less of a ‘try-hard’/’must-do’ attitude and are more motivated by a gentler life balance which enables them to enjoy life and parenthood at the same time. It’s about maintaining a healthy and steady balance in life and being able to spend quality time with family whilst earning a few pennies and saving money where possible. Yep, move over ‘super-mum’ and all hail the rise of the ‘uber-mum’!

Uber-mums are savvy and resourceful, making the most of their precious time to find a healthy balance between work, family and self. Uber-mums are time-heroes and choose to spend their time boosting income for the family nest in between those crucial school hours. In fact, we are now finding that many of our market research respondents are actually stay-at-home-mums who contact us to boost their family income and make extra pennies by taking part in our paid online surveys.

Paid Online Surveys

A recent study found that 61% of mothers now work from home and 85% of stay-at-home-mothers are ‘very happy’ or ‘pretty happy’. And taking part in market research studies such as paid online surveys, is a great way for mums to balance the demands of family life, make extra cash around school hours or at weekends, whilst also feeling as if they are part of something important by sharing their opinions and shaping the way a brand new product is launched. It’s official – the rise of the uber-mum is spreading fast and the era of the super-mum is simply fading away.  We say thank goodness for that.

We’re always on the lookout for participants for our research projects – and not only is it a great way to make some extra pennies on the side, but it’s fun too!

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