What happens with my personal data when I take part in market research?

In the digital age, our personal information is worth money, so it’s understandable that you might be wary about giving it out to market research companies like ours. If you choose to take part in market research you will usually have to tell us some personal details, but we can guarantee that they will be safe in our hands.

However, it’s a good idea to be wise to the ways of fraudsters so that you can make informed decisions about who you give your details to. If you’re concerned that a market research company aren’t on the level, there are some simple checks you can do that will help you to decide whether to hand over your information.

Are they a member of an official governing body?

 Most industries have a number of governing bodies who advise on things like best practice and help keep an eye on the industry, and paid market research is no different. Angelfish Opinions is proud to be a member of the Market Research Society, which is world’s leading research association. Never be afraid to ask if a company is affiliated with a governing body and be wary if they aren’t.

Do their sign up forms seem legitimate?

Real market research companies want to match you with a project that suits you, so they will ask lots of questions about your life and interests. If a sign-up form asks you for little more than your name and email address you might want to investigate them a bit further before you sign up.

Does the reward seem too good to be true?

One of the reasons people take part in market research is that they receive an incentive, an appropriate award for giving up your time and sharing your opinions. Paid market research studies are not intended to be money-making schemes, so if the reward seems far too big, you should think twice before taking part.

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Does the company offer plenty of information about itself?

It only takes a few minutes on Google to find out if a market research company is real or not. A real company will have extensive information about the work they do, as well as legitimate contact details and a testimonial section.

But can a real market research company keep my details safe?

As any market research company worth its salt will. They will also uphold the data protection act, which controls how your personal information is used. Again, if you aren’t sure that a company is complying with the data protection act, you should ask them for more details. Another good tip is to ask about the company’s privacy policy, as this will provide in-depth details on what they will do with your information (you can read ours here).

There are cases when we will ask you if you are happy for us to pass on some details, for example, if one of our clients would like to speak to you directly, but we will always ask you beforehand to make sure you are willing. Happy participants make for good paid market research, which is why we would never do anything without your permission.

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