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What are in-home interviews? Paid research explained

Paid research is a great way to earn extra money, but many people think it will require a lot of time or travel, or be in some other way inconvenient. However, there are many ways to take part in paid market research without leaving your house, one of which is taking part in a chat in your home with researchers. These are often called in-home interviews.

What is an in-home interview?

An in-home interview pretty much does what it says on the tin: it’s an interview in person that takes place at your home. Researchers find in-home interviews particularly useful as they are the best way to find out what people are like in their home environment. This method of research is excellent when researching products that people use at home – such as technology – as it demonstrates how people experience things in the setting they are designed for. An example of this, was a study we had for a homeware technology brand recently where participants had to use the brand in their home and researchers observed them.

What do I have to do during an in-home interview?

A qualified researcher, or perhaps a small team (normally no more than 3 people) of researchers, will visit you at home for an interview that generally lasts between one and four hours. Researchers will want you to be comfortable about giving your open and honest opinion, and the interviews are designed so they aren’t as intrusive; the aim is simply to get a better understanding of how you use the product or service in your own home with an aim to improving them in the future. Sometimes researchers send photos and information about themselves so you know who you will be speaking with, and they may also call you before you meet to introduce themselves.

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Why should I take part?

There are plenty of reasons to take part in paid research, not just because of the incentive! In-home interviews are brilliant because they give you the chance to join in without having to travel, making them great for people who can’t travel much, such as students or people who can’t drive or mums with children to look after. They also save you the expense of travel and childcare, as well as the stress of going to an unfamiliar place or finding a venue. Paid research also gives you the opportunity to have your say in developing future products and services for big name brands; not many people can say that!

What could I get paid?

The amount you could get paid to take part in an in-home interview varies depending on the length of time that the interview takes, and the longer you take part, generally, the more the incentive will be. A good rule of thumb is to expect between £30 and £150, depending on the depth of the research, but you will be told how much you will receive before the research begins. Your incentive won’t always be in cash – it could be a gift certificate or a cheque – but it will always reflect the time and effort you have given by taking part in paid research.

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