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Things to remember before taking part in paid market research

Top tips for taking part in paid market research

If you’ve never done it before, the first time you take part in paid market research can be a bit daunting, but don’t let that put you off. Market research is a really rewarding thing to do and you’ll be really glad you took the plunge when your session is over, and not just because of the great incentive you’ll receive at the end. This guide will give you some helpful tips on what you need to bear in mind when you embark on your first market research experience.

Before the session

A little bit of forward planning will go a long way because it’s important that you aren’t late for your session and you’ll feel much more relaxed if you arrive within plenty of time. Make sure you have all the details of the session with you and plan your route ahead of time so you know exactly how to get there. It’s especially important that you aren’t late for focus groups as there will be other people there and you don’t want to keep them waiting. Gather all the relevant documents together the night before, including photo ID, which you may need to collect your incentive and remember to turn your phone to silent before you go into the session.

Paid Market Research

During the session

If you feel nervous, just remind yourself that everyone else probably feels the same. Relaxing and creating a rapport with the rest of the group will allow you to be yourself and give honest answers that really reflects how you feel about the product or service being researched. Your opinion is really valued when you take part in paid market research, so don’t be a shrinking violet: make sure your voice is heard! It’s important to try not be influenced by other people’s opinions and it’s absolutely fine to (politely!) disagree, and remember it’s supposed to be fun! The researcher will be trained to facilitate the discussion and ensure that everyone feels able to say what they think with confidence, so don’t be scared to be passionate about your opinions. It’s a great opportunity to have a lively and interesting discussion and maybe even make some new friends.

After the session

When the session is over you’ll be able to collect your incentive, which could be anything from vouchers to a cheque. Once you’ve completed the research, you may be contacted again by the research team. This may be to give feedback about how the research team could make improvements, or they may like further information about a comment you made during the research session. It’s also an opportunity for you to give your feedback about what it was like to take part in paid market research and they may ask you if you would give a testimonial about your experience, or whether it is something that you would recommend to a friend.

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