The location of each market research project depends on the criteria set by the brand we’re working with. We conduct studies across the whole of the UK, including all the big cities – and London is naturally a very popular location! To find out more about our paid market research in London, read on…

So what’s market research all about? Well, before brands bring their new products and services to the market, they need to find out what their target audience thinks about them. That’s why our mission is to recruit enthusiastic individuals who love to share their honest thoughts and opinions with these brands. No matter if your views are positive or negative, each and every piece of feedback is highly valued by both us and the brands we work with.

So, to have your say in the ways products are launched, branded, packaged, marketed, or priced, sign up to our respondent community. You’ll receive invitations to take part in studies that are relevant to you, plus, you’ll always be paid for your time. Types of studies include:

Focus Groups

If you’d like to take part in a focus group, you will probably need to travel to a venue near your location. Our paid market research in London is often held centrally and, for focus groups, we use two viewing facilities to host – Spectrum and Home Sweet Home. Both venues are comfortable, relaxed and homely, to encourage casual discussion between respondents. So, there’s no need to feel intimidated – and it’s a great way to meet like-minded people!

Paid market research London


From accompanied shops to in-home interviews, ethnographic research is fun and interactive. It’s carried out in real-life environments and provides brands with more in-depth insights into how their audience uses their product or service. For example, an accompanied shop involves a researcher joining a respondent on a shopping trip to observe their habits – yes, you really can get paid to go shopping! Our paid market research in London includes ethnography, so check out our current projects page to see what we’re running at the moment.

Online studies

Don’t fancy leaving the house to take part in a research study? No problem. We also recruit respondents for online communities and interviews which you can complete from the comfort of your own home and work around your personal life.

Can anyone join in?

Yep – absolutely. You can apply to paid market research in London or wherever you’re based as long as you’re over 16 years old. All you need is an interest in sharing your opinions and getting your voice heard! On some occasions, we even conduct market research with children which we recruit through parents. See – we told you anyone can join in! We look forward to hearing from you!

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