Do you like sharing your opinions? Then we want to hear from you! Here at Angelfish Opinions, we are always on the lookout for awesome people like you to take part in our market research studies. You can apply to any project that suits you, and even get paid for your time too! We carry out paid market research across the UK, including Liverpool, and need as many voices as possible to communicate with our clients so that they can create amazing products and services for their customers. With Angelfish, your feedback is always highly valued.

Paid market research in Liverpool

Focus Groups

If you’d like to discuss new products and services within an open and honest group environment, taking part in a focus group will be right up your street! Not only will you discuss what you like about different products and services, but you’ll also have the chance to say what you don’t like, or what you think can be improved on. Our paid market research in Liverpool is always good fun, and focus groups are a great way to take part in meaningful research. As with any research study, you’ll get paid an incentive for taking part – so it’s a real win-win situation!

paid market research liverpool


Researchers sometimes want to see how you use a particular product in real-life environments, such as within your own home. Ethnographic research involves a researcher observing you using a product so they can get deeper insights into the way you interact with it and how it might fit into your life. A great way to get involved in paid market research in Liverpool is by signing up to an ethnographic study – you can take part from the comfort of your own home, or you could get involved in an ‘accompanied shop’, where your shopping habits are observed. Yep, that’s right – you can get paid to go shopping. Pretty great, right?

Online studies

Online studies are a great option for those looking to work the market research study around their everyday lives. You don’t even have to leave your house! We run online interviews and online communities, which is where you contribute to a conversation through a group forum. Of course, you can be based anywhere in the UK to take part in our online studies, so if you’d like to find out what we currently have on, check out our active projects here.

User experience testing 

User experience testing, UX testing, usability testing… although it has plenty of different names, user experience testing is basically everything that you feel as a consumer, whether you’re browsing a website or using a certain product. It couldn’t be easier to take part in user experience testing with Angelfish; when conducting UX testing studies for websites, you’ll simply be given a set of tasks to complete online whilst specialist software captures your behaviour. Alternatively, we also carry out face-to-face user testing studies where an observer will watch as you use a specific product or navigate your way around a website. Online or face-to-face, user experience tests usually take around 30-60 minutes to complete and are a great way to help brands improve their products and services – plus they’re good fun, too!

Can anyone join in?

Absolutely. You don’t need any special qualifications or experience! All you need to do is sign up by submitting this form. Just note that you do have to be at least 16 years of age.

We also conduct market research with children, who we recruit through parents. So keep an eye out for these should they be of interest, too!

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