Why am I never selected to take part in paid market research?

So, you’ve expressed an interest in taking part in paid research in a focus group, paid surveys or online interviews. You’ve filled in an online form, you may have even spoken directly with us about what you can expect, we’ve run through some questions with you and then… you get turned down. We understand that this can be frustrating, but there are a number of reasons why you haven’t been selected to take part. Let us explain in a bit more detail…

What do we do?

paid surveys

At Angelfish Opinions, we work with big brands to find people to give their opinion on products and services. This gives businesses a very valuable insight into consumer habits and allows them to learn about new and existing customers, identify any issues and solve problems.

We gather opinions in various different ways, depending on the requirements of the client,you could be asked to take part in paid surveys, online market research, focus groups or assisted shops so clients can find out the specific information they need.

Expressing your interest in taking part in paid surveys is easy: simply sign up to our site here. Other routes in include applying to Facebook adverts, and we sometimes also get in touch with people via email if we have their email address on our database.

So why didn’t you get the gig?

So, if it’s so simple to get involved, why haven’t you been asked to take part yet? If you’ve gone through the process of signing up, spoken with us and then received an email saying we won’t be using you this time, we understand that it can be a bit frustrating – but trust us, there are a number of reasons why. These include:

paid surveys

  • You didn’t fit the specific inclusion criteria for the research. For example, the client might have wanted to speak to people within a certain radius of their shop, or to people with children of a specific age because they sell products for children, or even to people with certain hobbies and interests, and so on.
  • There are many different variables and it’s impossible to fit into all of them. It’s just down to the numbers. Sometimes the only reason you haven’t been asked to take part is because we simply had too many people interested and not enough spaces available – it really is that simple!
  • You have recently taken part in research. We carefully monitor who takes part in our studies and have to leave out anyone who has recently been involved so we can keep the research as genuine as possible.

If at first, you don’t succeed…

…Don’t give up! Although you might not have been the right fit for a particular project, the perfect one could come up at any time. It’s important that you carefully read through the criteria in our adverts or emails before you get in touch, as this will help you make sure you’re applying for the right things and avoid any initial disappointment.

Taking part in market research is great fun and means you can make a real difference to big brands, which is why we offer a variety of incentives to quality respondents for paid surveys, often in the form of a bank transfer or gift card. We’re always on the lookout for new people to take part in research and your opinion is highly valued so please don’t give up at the first hurdle!  If you’re interested in letting big brands know what you think – and getting paid for it! – then sign up here.

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