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Six super money-saving ideas for the 2022 festive season

 Originally posted on 11th December 2019

We’ve probably said it a hundred times, but we love Christmas here at Angelfish!

From choosing our favourite Christmas ads all the way to sharing boredom-busting Christmas days out for kids, it’s fair to say that we’re getting pretty excited for the festive season – albeit a little early!

There’s just one small downside: Christmas can get expensive – and fast!

As we mentioned in our blog on taking care of your mental health during the festive season, however, it doesn’t have to. In fact, we’ve got six great money-saving ideas that you can use this year to keep your bank account healthy, and everybody happy!

6 amazing money-saving ideas for the 2022 festive season:

1. Stay in 

There’s usually a lot of going out to be had around Christmas time – parties, nights on the town, pantomime trips, to name just a few scenarios! But why go out and spend money when you can enjoy staying in?

Invite all your friends and/or family around for a Christmas movie marathon, have a mince pie baking session, curl up with a good winter novel and a hot chocolate. It’ll help preserve your energy for the big day, too!

A mother and daughter baking a gingerbread house together representing festive money saving ideas from Angelfish Opinions

2. But if you have to go out…

There are ways to keep it cheap. Christmas markets, for example, are a wonderful way to soak up the Christmas atmosphere without spending anything – just take a flask of coffee or hot chocolate with you so you’re not tempted by the vendors!

3. Don’t go nuts on the food

Next to presents (more on that below), food is probably one of the most expensive aspects of Christmas. People will often fork out to get the “best food” the most expensive supermarkets can offer because – well, it’s Christmas!

However, blind taste tests have revealed that in a lot of cases, the cheaper brands are the ones that win out for the best Christmas culinary experience – definitely a great money-saving idea to invest in!

4. Presence over presents

When it comes to presents and gift-giving, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who’d agree that quality is far superior to quantity. Buying presents for the sake of it is never worth the stress or the money – especially when so many of them just end up going to charity shops!

So, when choosing something for a loved one, make sure it’s something they need or want (yes, even if it really is just socks!), and that you’ve put more thought that money into it.

What’s more, people are much more likely to want you to be there at Christmas than to receive gifts from you but not see you! In sum, presence is greater than presents.

Two friends enjoying a Christmas market together representing festive money saving ideas from Angelfish Opinions

5. Get your Christmas craft on

One great money-saving idea – in fact, even a way you could make some money and spend more time with friends and family – is to get crafty and creative!

Christmas time brings a lot of local fetes and markets along with it; so why not make some Christmas cards or baked goods with help from loved ones and see how much you can sell?

6. Take part in paid market research

Another wonderful way you can save money – as well as make money – is by taking part in paid market research. We have lots of exciting projects going on here at Angelfish that’ll keep you occupied during the festive season and pop some extra pennies in the Christmas spending pot!

Want to know more about taking part in festive market research? 

Check out our helpful articles on what market research is and the types of projects you can get involved in. Then, register to join our community to be the first to hear about all our upcoming festive market research projects, and beyond!

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