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Meet the team: Five minutes with Harry

Say hello to Harry!

There’s nothing more important to us than the relationships we build with both our clients and our participants.

In fact, here at Angelfish, we’re proud to put people and relationships right at the heart of everything we do – so we thought it might be nice for you to get to know some of our people as well as we know you!

You’ve already met our fabulous Director of Operations Kelly – so we thought we’d rope in someone else to answer a few questions as well.

With that in mind, say a big hello to Harry, our super Client Services Executive.

Five minutes with Client Services Executive Harry

Hi, Harry! First things first, why did you decide to pursue a career in market research?

I was actually looking for a change in career direction and market research was the most diverse field to go into for me to develop as many new skills as possible.

Plus, market research already suited my existing skill set from my background in management in hospitality and being a self-employed musician. Both areas require a lot of self-motivation and drive, which is very similar to client services and sales. You could say it was a match made in heaven!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

One of my favourite things about working at Angelfish is the variety, so I’ve got to say the best part of the job for me varies all the time!

It’s never the same thing – even the larger projects eventually end, and you move onto something else, so you always feel like you’re doing something new. Also, I do love the office snacks… 

Having recently moved into the client services side of things, I love that I get to chat to so many different companies and people within them. I’m a chatter box, always have been always will be, so getting paid to talk about the business and see how we can help other people will always be appealing to me!

Tell us about an interesting project you’ve recently worked on and why you enjoyed it

The one that stands out for me is a project for Lego that we completed towards the end of last year.

It was a really great one to work on, and speaking to families in the build up to Christmas about different Lego products and how they like to interact with Lego as a family was very fun.

I actually ended up buying Lego after we finished the project and have found myself hooked again!

What about a challenge you’ve recently faced and how you solved it?

I recently changed role to Client Services Executive which has been challenging but incredibly rewarding too.

In terms of how I’ve faced that challenge, I think just coming in every day with a good attitude and willingness to get stuck in and learn has been my way of rising to the challenge.

Plus, it feels really good to be learning new things every day.

What are your professional goals for the next year?

Without a doubt, my new role is my focus for the next year, so you’ll find me getting my head down and ensuring I learn all the skills I need to thrive!

And how about the next market research industry trend?

It seems to be all about AI right now, which I’m personally not the biggest fan of.

However, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of major companies exploring ways they can integrate AI systems into their day-to-day activities, which should be interesting to see for sure!

Quickfire round 

Tea or coffee? 


Winter or summer?

Summer, you don’t have to pay for the sun!

Cat person or dog person?


Favourite film?

Lord of the Rings, all three as one movie – watching it any other way is missing out!

Favourite song?

Gimmie Shelter by The Rolling Stones definitely has to be the greatest song ever written. 

Who inspires you and why? 

Anyone who has a vision or idea and backs themselves to see it through to the end.

Thanks, Harry! We hope you enjoyed getting to know Harry – and if you’d like to find out more about all things Angelfish Opinions, you can check out the latest projects we’ve got coming up here.

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