A teenager looking bored representing market research for teens as a boredom busting summer holiday activity.

7 ways to stop your teens getting bored this summer holiday

Schools will be closing for the summer holidays before we know it…

… and a couple of weeks later, the words every parent dreads to hear from their teenager will likely follow: “Mum/Dad, I’m bored!”

Thankfully, there are lots of things you can do before this happens to make sure your teens not only have a boredom-free summer holiday, but a fun and inspirational one, too.

We’ve shared some great options below, from summer jobs to volunteering, at-home projects to market research for teens and families and beyond. Read on to see what they are (you can thank us later)!

A group of diverse young teens as a youth club together on a lunch break representing market research for teens

Here are 7 great ways to prevent your teens getting bored in the summer holidays:

1. Sign them up for an activity club

From youth theatres to art clubs, summer sports teams to choirs and bands, there’s a summer club out there to suit the interests of every teen.

Not only will this get your teen spending time outside the house doing something that they enjoy, but it’s also the chance for them to hang out with their current friends, or even make friends with teens from other local schools.

This will not only be great for their self-esteem but means they’ll likely be invited to do even more things with their new friends – and as a result, their summer will fly by!

2. Help them find a summer job

Young people can legally work from the age of 13 in the UK (with some restrictions), so be sure to present this as an option to your teen if/before they complain that they’re bored.

It’s a great option, because it means they’ll earn a bit of extra pocket money to spend on the things they want, at the same time as introducing them to the importance of responsibility, real-world problem-solving and teamwork.

What’s more, when the time comes, they’ll have something they can put on their CV to get even better jobs as they get older. Plus, they’ll be so worn out from a good day’s work that they’ll be out like a light before any more boredom can set in!

3. Get them volunteering

Sometimes getting a summer job can be tricky (it’s a popular choice for young people wanting to earn some pocket money during the holidays), but the great news is that volunteering is always an option!

Have a think about or ask your teen what they really care about; are they passionate about taking care of the environment? Do they have a favourite charity that they’d like to support? Are they compassionate and wanting to help vulnerable people?

Match this up with a relevant volunteering opportunity (for example, litter picking, working in a charity shop, visiting the elderly or helping out at a nursery) and put the suggestion forward.

4. Spend some quality time together

With all the hustle and bustle of work, school and other aspects of daily life, it can be tricky to find opportunities to spend some quality time with your teen. But if you can, it’s a great way to prevent holiday boredom!

As much as your child might grumble at the thought of quality time with mum or dad (so uncool), spending time together as a family has also been shown to improve mental health, minimise behavioural problems and boost academic performance.

So, if you can take some time away from the office, even if it’s just for the day to spend some time with your child doing something you both enjoy, do!

5. Encourage them to take some exercise

The summer holidays hold a promise of good weather, which means that it’s the perfect time to encourage your teens to go outside for some fresh air and exercise, whether that’s walking, running, cycling, playing in a sports team, or even swimming at a local outdoor pool with friends.

Whatever they get up to, the time will whizz by, and your teen will come home at the end of the day feeling worn out but refreshed and happy!

A group of teens doing a volunteer clean up as part of market research for teens.

6. Set them up with a summer project or challenge

On the days where the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor pursuits, it’s time to turn to the offerings that indoors can provide!

This is where setting your teen up with a summer holiday project or challenge can be helpful. Have a think again about your teen’s hobbies and interests and see what challenges or projects you can set them. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Make a short film
  • Read/watch a book/film/TV series (and write a review!)
  • Re-decorate their bedroom
  • Grow and maintain a patch in the garden
  • Record a podcast about their favourite topic
  • Write a story or start a journal
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Invent and cook a three-course meal
  • Create a piece of art
  • Direct/produce a play
  • Invent a new sport

Be sure to ask them how it’s going throughout the holiday, and see if they’d like to show you their finished project at the end (don’t put pressure on them if they’d rather you didn’t see – after all, it’s the journey that matters most)!

7. Get them involved in market research

As a brief overview, market research for teens is run by brands and businesses to understand what young people think about their products and services. This could be anything from fashion and retail to video games and education products – and it’s a great summer holiday boredom-buster!

It incorporates many of the suggestions we’ve shared above too, as it will give your teen the chance to:

  • share their opinions on the things they care about
  • meet and interact with other people their age
  • enjoy different activities and challenges
  • earn a bit of extra pocket money
  • spend some quality time with you if the research also involves parents/carers

and much more!

Fancy getting involved in market research with your family?

Hopefully the suggestions above will be enough to keep your teen(s) busy and happy during the summer holidays, but if you think they’d enjoy taking part in market research projects, either with you, with friends, with their siblings or on their own, then be sure to sign up to our market research community!

Our clients run lots of market research for children of all ages and their parents during the summer holidays, and we’d love to have you on board. Simply follow the link below to get started, and get in touch or take a look at our FAQs page if you have any questions!

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