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Share your opinion and get paid: how to be a market research all-star!

Consumer insights and opinions are highly sought after, and more brands than ever are looking for feedback on their products and services.

If you’re feeling unsure where to start and wondering how you can stand out from the crowd when applying for and participating in market research – we’ve got you covered!

At Angelfish Opinions, we know a thing or two about taking part in market research, so we asked our amazing team what makes a market research participant truly shine. Here are our top tips for how to become a market research MVP!

Our top tips on how to become a market research pro:

Be honest in your online application

Brianna BW

At Angelfish Opinions, we really value our respondents, and we love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

We aim to get the best consumer insights for our clients, so we want to hear your honest opinions of different brands, companies and products – whether they are good or constructive.

Through your honesty, we arm our clients with a surplus of qualitative insights that help make their products, and your experience as a consumer, more positive. 

Brianna – Project Administrator

Be yourself

Throughout every stage of research, we love to get to know the people in our community, and so do our clients! From having a bit of a chat with our team during our calls, to answering the research questions themselves, we always appreciate the people that bring their personality to the tasks at hand. After all, we’re all different, but that’s what makes great market research!

Belle – Project Manager


Enthusiasm is key


Before taking part in market research with us, you’ll receive a call from a member of our team to chat through logistics, some of the questions from the online application, as well as some additional questions to get to know you.

Our validation call also helps us get to know you better and understand why you want to take part. We always love to see people’s enthusiasm and passion for the research topic, so people really stand out to us when this shines through on the phone call.

Ben – Project Executive

Good humour

This isn’t just about cracking jokes, but also coming with a positive and engaged attitude. For instance, it makes such a difference to hear someone on the other end of the phone who is upbeat, and in turn, makes the conversation a lot more enjoyable for those involved.

We all have a great sense of humour, so any jokes or witty comments go a long way to make you memorable and help you stand out.

Rory – Project Administrator


Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


We love asking the questions, but we also LOVE answering questions! 

There is never a silly question, so if you would like to understand a bit more about the online community, the format of the focus group or whether you need to have the latest iOS version on your iPad, don’t be afraid to ask us!

Lisa – Director and Co-Founder

Know what’s expected of you  

Take the time to read the project information during your application, and the details sent to you before the research – is there a specific device you need to join on, or topic you need to think about beforehand? Being prepared will mean the research will go as smoothly as possible!

Reading this information with plenty of time also allows you time to ask us any questions you may have before the session and consider whether you would like to commit to the study requirements.

Molly – Senior Project Manager


Don’t overthink it

Harry angelfish opnions

The companies and researchers are looking for candid feedback from you, don’t second guess your responses – the least obvious responses are often always the best! Your opinion truly matters and could have a big impact on how a product or company changes in the future, so take the opportunity to let your voice be heard.

Harry – Client Services Executive

Being prepared with your tech

In our current digital world, there are more opportunities than ever to take part in market research in the comfort of your own sitting room. However, with this newfound digital dynamism comes the tech issues that can follow.

Coming prepared to a research session is hugely helpful – whether that is checking your internet can support the session, making sure your laptop is fully charged, or making sure you’ve downloaded apps and enabled relevant permissions in advance. Being organised with your tech helps research run smoothly for everyone involved.

Laura – Project Executive

laura mosley angelfish fieldwork

Taking time to give us your honest feedback following research


True market research all-stars help us continually develop by providing us with honest feedback following research. We massively value the experience you’ve had with our team throughout the recruitment process, including how you found the research itself and everything in between.  

Many of the changes we’ve made over the years have been a direct result of participant feedback and we always want to hear your thoughts, whether it is constructive or positive! We typically ask for feedback via TrustPilot or Google, so if you’ve had a recent market research experience with us, we’d love to know what you thought!

Kelly – Director of Operations

Get involved in our market research projects today!

After reading our team’s top tips, we hope you feel a bit more confident approaching market research, whether it’s your first or not!

Fancy getting involved? Take a look at our Current Projects page to see if there’s a research study you would like to take part in.

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