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Love sports and want to earn a bit of extra money? Market research is the answer!

At the time of writing, the FIFA World Cup 2022 is just around the corner!

If you’re a sporting fan (and anything like our team and the members of the Angelfish Community), we imagine you’ll probably already know the names of your chosen squad off by heart and be making plans with friends and family for watching the upcoming matches together.

One of the great ways you can get in the sporting mood in the run-up to the tournament (or give yourself something to look forward to when it’s all over) is by taking part in paid sports marketing research!

What is sports marketing research?

Essentially, sports market research takes place when a sports brand or organisation wants to uncover insights into their target market.

These brands will invite participants (you) to take part in a project – for example, a focus group, interview, or market research online community – so that they can gather thoughts, opinions and ideas on their products and services.

And why should you take part?

For starters, taking part in sports research is great fun! You might get to try out new products that aren’t on the market yet or share your ideas on how older products can be made better whilst meeting other sporting fans along the way.

It’s also a great way to make your mark on the sports brands and organisations that you love. For example, your suggestion for the design of a new pair of running shoes might just make it into the final product!

Finally, as a thank you for taking part, you’ll be paid an incentive, such as vouchers to spend at your favourite stores.

A diverse group of young men watching a sports match together as part of sports marketing research

When taking part in sports marketing research, you could be paid to:

1. Give feedback on the latest sports clothing designs

From gym shorts to trainers, hoodies to tracksuits and beyond, sports retailers want to know what people love about their sportswear and how they can make it better – whether that means a change in fabric or a greater availability of colour and size options.

In this example, you could be invited to take part in a focus group where you and other participants (around six to ten) will be asked questions/have discussions about your experience of sports clothing, what you like and don’t like, and what you’d love to see in a design.

2. Test out not-yet-launched sports technology and equipment

As well as sharing your opinions on sports products currently already on the market, sports market research also gives you the chance to try out tech and equipment that might not have been used yet!

For example, you might be invited to take part in a user experience testing study where you visit a gym and have a go with newly designed machinery or be given a new fitness tracker to take away with you and try out for a week.

Your feedback on these will then be used to make improvements to the products before they’re manufactured and sent out into the wider world!

3. Influence advertising for a new sports product

It’s not just the sports products themselves that need testing and improving, but also how they’re advertised to a target audience.

As an example, you might be invited to participate in an online community where you and other participants can get creative, both on your own and as a group, with your own advertising ideas for a new sports product; this could be anything from mood boards to storyboards, scripts to poster designs and beyond!

A young man taking part in an accompanied shop as part of sports marketing research

4. Transform the way that sports are consumed

If you’re more of a sports observer than participator, then you might enjoy getting involved in research where you get to give your thoughts and ideas on sports consumption.

Taking the upcoming world cup as an example, you might get involved in an ethnography where researchers might observe you in your home environment when you watch a match on TV, or when you go to see a live match.

5. Share your opinions on the sports retail experience

This one’s for the shopaholics! If you love browsing around sports shops, then you’ll love getting involved in retail sports market research.

For example, you could get the chance to go on an accompanied shop around your favourite stores while a researcher observes the way you shop. You won’t have to buy anything (unless you want to, of course!), and it’s a great way for brands to see how they can improve their store layouts and so on for other customers like you.

Fancy taking part in sports market research?

If any of the above examples have caught your eye and you’d like to get involved, then the best and quickest way is to sign up to the Angelfish Community.

Many of those who are already community members have been participant for some truly brilliant sports market research projects over the years, and been paid awesome incentives for doing so – and new projects just keep coming in!

It’s super-quick and easy to sign up. Just follow the link below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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