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Lockdown Life: Purchasing Habits

Discover the results from our 2020 survey, which takes an in-depth look into people’s purchasing habits leading up to the festive period, and find out how you can make extra money from home by taking part in paid market research projects!

The closure of the high street during the first COVID-19 lockdown is something that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. 

With all but essential shops shutting their doors and everyone except key workers confined to their homes, online purchasing suddenly skyrocketed – and these purchasing habits are still prevalent even now in 2021. 

In fact, we’re still getting regular applications here at Angelfish Opinions from participants wanting to take part in remote retail market research projects to make extra money from home, despite shops being fully open again.  

But what about the lead-up to the festive season of 2020 – particularly Black Friday and Christmas? What were everyone’s purchasing habits like then? This is where our Lockdown Life research comes in! 

Over 2,000 members of the Angelfish community were surveyed on their purchasing habits leading up to Christmas and the festive period. Here’s what we found…

Purchasing habits during the 2020 festive season:

  • 67% respondents did not know the date for 2020’s Black Friday sales events. 
  • 93% of those aware would delay their purchases until the Black Friday sales events. 
  • The top three planned Christmas purchases during Black Friday are…
    • Cosmetics and perfume 
    • Clothing and footwear 
    • Toys 
  • 58% said that their purchasing habits were influenced by Christmas advertising. 
  • 53% hear about 2020’s Black Friday sales events via social media. 
  • 92% planned to buy Christmas presents/items during the Black Friday sales events/ 
  • Of those who had set a Christmas budget, 65% were not intending on reducing this compared to previous years. 
  • Family and food were ranked as the most important elements in making Christmas special in 2020. 

Infographic displaying findings from the Lockdown Life: Purchasing Habits study

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