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Lockdown Life: Media

Discover the intriguing results from our market research exploring people’s media consumption during the lockdown, and find out how you can take part in market research projects if you want to make extra money!

Films, TV series, documentaries… we’re surrounded by them now more than ever! 

Gone are the days of flicking through a handful of TV channels and piles of VHS tapes. Thanks to the internet and other advances in technology, there’s now a plethora of options available to us to consume all different kinds of content!

Whether you’re bingeing a TV series (or two) on Amazon, indulging in a classic movie favourite on Netflix, tuning into the latest sports match on the radio or watching funny cat videos on YouTube, the possibilities for media entertainment are truly endless. 

None of us could have been more grateful for this variety once the first lockdown came into effect in March 2020. With people confined to their homes for safety, many explored different ways to keep themselves entertained and pass the time until the world opened its doors again. 

And, from our Lockdown Life research results, it looks like media was a very popular solution!  

You can look at the results of the project in more detail in the infographic below. Thank you very much to all 1,200 of you who very kindly took part in June 2020! 

angelfish fieldwork lockdown life media

Results from our Lockdown Life survey on Media:

  • Over 1,200 people were surveyed on their media consumption habits. * 
  • There was a 63% increase in people consuming more than two hours of media a day. 
  • Nearly 50% of participants have purchased a new streaming subscription due to special offers. 
  • The top 3 streaming services cited by participants included Netflix, iPlayer and YouTube. 
  • The two most important factors in this choice were the variety of content and value for money. 
  • There was a 240% increase in people consuming more than 6 hours of content a day. 
  • 45% of those with children purchased a new streaming subscription to entertain their family. 
  • Standout content included Normal People, White Lines, Money Heist, Killing Eve, Tiger King and the news! 

* Media: Radio, podcasts, TV, audio books, online/offline news and magazines 

Want to make extra money by taking part in market research around media?

Our participants have had the opportunity to share their opinions for some top media companies, including the likes of the BBC and Sky, and get paid for their time and contributions!  

So, if you want to make extra money and share your opinions on the things that matter most to you – whether that’s media, sports, shopping, or something else entirely – sign up to our panel here and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to hear about our latest paid market research opportunities…