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Lockdown Life: Lockdown 2.0

Discover the results from our 2020 survey, which explored people’s purchasing decisions, festive shopping plans and other activities during Lockdown 2.0, and find out how you can get paid for research online as part of market research projects! 

On 5th November 2020, Lockdown 2.0 came into effect in England.  

With bonfire night cancelled on the spot and most of the previous lockdown’s restrictions reinstated, everybody hunkered down for another four weeks of staying indoors. However, with the festive season on the horizon, there was no time to waste in preparations! 

During this time, we conducted our next Lockdown Life study, which took a deep dive into everyone’s purchasing decisions and festive shopping plans in the lead up to Christmas – plus a peek into what good habits they took up and plans for when restrictions were lifted again. 

A huge thank you to everybody who took part! 

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Here are the results from our Lockdown 2.0 survey:  

  • Over 1,600 UK-wide audience members completed our Lockdown 2.0 survey. 
  • 43% were saving some Christmas shopping for when the shops re-open. 
  • 67% purchased more from local and independent restaurants/cafes from March. 
  • 49% planned to do their food shop for Christmas in store. 
  • 63% spend more at online retailers they would not have otherwise shopped at owing to Lockdown 2.0. 
  • 83% planned to eat out in restaurants after lockdown. 
  • 63% of those surveyed planned to purchase clothing and shoes as Christmas gifts, with 46% planning to purchase toys. 
  • Over 30% had taken up a new fitness habit during lockdown and had stuck with it! 

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