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Is tech taking over?

How much do you rely on your smartphone to make life easier for you every day? Or maybe you can’t live without your laptop? Tech enhances our lives in so many ways (it can even see a little scary sometimes) but we’d never be without it again. Here are 5 major ways that tech has made out lives so much easier….

Buying stuff

Pretty much every supermarket that you shop in, as well as many coffee shops and fast food outlets, offer you the option to pay using a self-service checkout. But Amazon has gone one step further to create complete self-service shops! These Amazon Go shops will be completely staffless and without a checkout process. Instead, customers will pay for the goods they have selected via an app!

Wall-to-wall entertainment

Remember the days when viewing the latest blockbuster meant a trip to the cinema or the video shop? Not anymore. Platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime mean that you can enjoy the latest entertainment without lifting a finger – and TV sets with voice recognition mean you literally don’t have to move to change the channel! It’s not just films and TV either; you can buy the latest music, play games with friends and keep up with family all without leaving the house.


Going out for dinner

Nowadays you can get dinner from your favourite restaurant delivered directly to your door with just a few taps on your smartphone. Whilst dodgy takeaways have been around for ages, apps like Deliveroo and Just Eat mean you can have delicious restaurant quality food without going out. This is super handy when you’re feeling lazy (or hungover!).

Doing a big food shop

Back in the day, doing the ‘big shop’ was a weekly event that took up a whole evening. Now, you can order it all online whilst you watch Eastenders and have it delivered in a specific time slot the following day. We wouldn’t swap this incredibly convenient way to shop, even when the supermarket ends up substituting your favourite foods for something a bit strange. All of the big nationwide supermarkets now offer free delivery when you spend over a certain amount, so there’s really nothing not to like about it.

Spending time with friends

We live our lives at such a hectic pace nowadays that it’s hard to find the time to hang out with friends and family. Luckily, smartphones and social media have made it easy to keep up to date with everyone, and there are so many methods to choose from, such as text, email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat… the list is almost endless. And we can keep up with loads of people at once thanks to group chats – a brilliant way to keep in the loop with all the different gangs of people that are important to you. Social media can even remind us of birthdays and other special anniversaries, and you can send a card or a bunch of flowers via the internet. Easy!

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