What will happen with my information when I take part in paid market research?

More people are now aware of what is happening with their data, where it is stored and how it is being used. More questions are being asked about data protection and privacy and quite rightly too: it’s something that we take very seriously as a company providing paid market research.

We’ve put together this blog to explain what happens to the information you provide us with when you take part in paid market research.

Your data: what do we have and why?

As a market research company, we have always had to be good at data collection and protection. We only ever collect the data we need, but because at times our clients have very specific criteria we can end up with a comprehensive picture of someone. For example, in addition to the usual contact details of address, email and phone number, we might also need to collect information on someone’s income and bank details (so we can pay them).

How do we collect your data?

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On any given project we will initially we collect data via an online questionnaire. These can often be quite in-depth because it’s important for us to ensure that you meet the criteria set by our clients. Once we’ve established that you meet the initial criteria we will follow up with a phone call to ask you a few more questions.

What do we do with your data?

The information you give us is important because it determines your eligibility for the study – our clients often want to speak to a very specific person. But we know your information really matters to you too, so we have very strict policies on keeping it safe and only using it in ways you know about and are happy with, including stopping contacting you if at any point you no longer wish to hear from us. You can read more about that in our privacy policy here.

You can rest assured that:

  •      We will only ever hold detailed information on you for the duration of the study.
  •      We treat your data in the strictest of confidences and comply with all GDPR regulations.

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