V Day

Date ideas your other half will love!

Valentine’s Day is easily the most romantic day of the year. People traditionally express their love and appreciation for each other with a special dinner, cards, and boxes of chocolates. But, as lovely as these things are, they can become a little bit run of the mill. So, here are some thoughtful Valentine’s Day date ideas that your other half will truly appreciate. And, if you’d like to discover ways to make money online to fund your Valentine’s date, why not take part in paid market research with Angelfish Opinions?

Spa day

Everybody appreciates a really good pampering, so rather than buy your partner a solo massage, why not enjoy some quality relaxation together? Unwind in the hot tub, bliss out with a couples massage, sip some bubbly and enjoy a delicious meal. If it sounds expensive – don’t worry! There are some excellent deals on Groupon and many spas do offers, so you can find something to suit any budget, and both SpaBreaks.com and SpaSeekers.com are offering tailored Valentine’s Day packages.

Skype date

If you’re in a long distance relationship or your partner is working away, Valentine’s Day can seem terribly bleak, but it doesn’t have to be – you can still enjoy a romantic date for two. Dress up, prepare a nice meal and pour yourself a glass of wine, then switch on Skype or Facetime and enjoy it with your loved one, no matter how far away they are. Don’t forget a toast to the wonder of modern day technology for making your date possible!

Classic home-cooked meal

Going out is all well and good, but all of your favourite restaurants are going to be heaving on Valentine’s Day, which won’t foster the intimate and romantic atmosphere you’ll be looking for (plus it will be expensive!). Cooking together is fun, or, if your partner isn’t much of a chef, you could let them relax whilst you whip up something delicious. If neither of you wants to cook, there are some great deals available for easy, home-cooked dinners: Marks & Spencers offer a quality meal for two at just £10, including wine, Waitrose has a special Valentine’s Day meal deal, offering a starter, main, two sides and wine for £20 and the Co-op will be selling one of the cheapest deals of a main and two side dishes for just £6.

Ice skating and après skate

Just because Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean ice skating has to be. There’s something about ice skating that is delightfully romantic, even if you aren’t up to the standard of Torvill and Dean. Whether you’re performing twirls for your partner or clinging onto each other’s hands to stay upright, you’re guaranteed plenty of fun and laughs. And once you’re all skated out, you can head to a cosy bar for some post-rink drinks.

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Spend the night somewhere unusual

Spending the night somewhere other than your own home is automatically exciting, so why not pack an overnight bag and escape this Valentine’s Day? A swanky hotel is a great option if you have the inclination and the budget, but why not think outside the box and go for something really quirky? Airbnb has thousands of cool properties in the UK, so you could end up spending Valentine’s night in a yurt, a tree house, a converted cowshed or even a ‘boatel’.


A romantic evening dinner is usually associated with Valentine’s Day, but, for some, all of that sentimental nonsense is a little bit cringeworthy. If you want to mark the day without excessive soppiness, why not go out for a casual brunch? Every town and city in the UK has plenty of cafes offering a truly stellar selection of hipsterish brunching opportunities, so take your loved one to their favourite place; food, after all, is the way to everyone’s heart.

Recreate your first date

Sometimes the small, thoughtful things make a much deeper impression than the big, flashy ones. Recreating your first date for your partner will show them just how much you care and how much you appreciate the first moments of your relationship journey. Take them through the evening down to the last detail – where you went, what you did, what you ate and drank, even what you wore – if you can remember! It will be deeply romantic and make them weak at the knees all over again.

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Whatever you decide, it’s about making the effort to spend quality time together. Want to discover ways to make money online to fund your romantic day? Then register to take part in research with Angelfish below. 

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