A family doing their Christmas shopping together online as part of Christmas market research

All brands want for Christmas is you(r opinions)! Here’s why…

If you love Christmas, we’ve got some great news for you: 

In a nutshell, brands and businesses want to hear your opinions about their Christmas products and services as part of their market research endeavours! 

Christmas is a time for giving, and when you sign up to take part in Christmas market research, you’ll have the opportunity to present the suppliers and manufacturers of your favourite festive products and services with opinions that will enable them to make those products even better! 

In return, those companies will thank you with some fantastic incentives, such as cash and gift vouchers – which you can then spend on yourself as a festive treat, or on Christmas presents for family and friends! 

But why exactly do brands want your opinions about their Christmas products and services – and how can you get involved

Read on to find out! 

A family doing their Christmas shopping as part of Christmas market research

3 reasons brands want your opinions this Christmas: 

1. To improve on their products and services from last Christmas 

Can you remember your favourite thing that you bought last Christmas, or an outstanding service that you experienced? For example, a smashing set of Christmas crackers, a particularly tasty turkey breast, or a super-friendly barista serving you a delicious gingerbread latte at a coffee shop? 

Brands and businesses are aiming to achieve exactly that – products that are enjoyable, memorable, and that people will think back on, buy and use time and time again! This is especially true at Christmas, which is so often steeped in tradition for individuals and their families. 

Christmas market research gives brands the opportunity to find out what people think about the products and services they currently sell or provide, whether good and bad, in order to keep the features that their target audience already love, or improve upon the parts that they’re not so keen on (let’s face it, we don’t all like cinnamon…!).   

How can you get involved?

In-home interviews are one brilliant way for researchers to see how their current products and services play a role in your Christmas traditions and plans, or around your home, and ask you and/or members of your family how they can make them even better.  

2. To create and test exciting new products and services 

As well as old traditions, Christmas is a great time to make new ones – and brands are exactly the same, wanting to create new and exciting things that individuals, families and friends can enjoy for the Christmases of the future. 

How can you get involved?

Focus groups, both online and face-to-face, are a real researcher favourite for testing out new products or concepts. 

For example, you might be given the opportunity to decorate a Christmas tree with a group of other Christmas-loving participants, using a newly designed set of tinsel, lights and baubles. Or you might be asked to bring your children along to try out a set of new toys with other children, and share your thoughts on these as a parent. 

User experience testing is another popular methodology here; for example, a company may ask you to try out the new Christmas shopping function on their website, or a Christmas Gift List app that they’ve created (yep, they exist!) to check that it’s easy and enjoyable for you to use. 

A young woman holding a glass of champagne wearing a Santa hat taking part in Christmas market research via her smartphone

3. To inspire their Christmas advertising campaigns 

If we were to say “Christmas advert,” what immediately springs to mind? The latest John Lewis Christmas TV ad? A jingle you heard on the radio last year? A poster or spread in your favourite magazine? 

What’s truly exciting is that so many of these advertising campaigns and creatives are inspired by the thoughts and opinions of those who love them – people like you!  

How can you get involved? 

Market research online communities are perhaps the best way for researchers to come up with new advertising inspiration – for example, they might task you and your fellow participants to design a poster to advertise their latest product, or a mood board to express how that product makes you think and feel. 

‘Tis the season to share opinions! Ready to get started? 

Here at Angelfish Opinions, we’ve got lots of paid Christmas market research projects lined up that you can get involved in over the festive period. If you’d like to get involved, sign up to become a member of our participant community today!