A senior couple taking part in FMCG market research representing how to get paid to grocery shop

How our panel sunk their teeth into market research interviews about food shopping!

Read this blog to discover how members of our participant panel got to take part in at-home interviews and an accompanied shop, and how you can get paid to grocery shop as part of market research endeavours, too!

What happens when you put at-home interviews and accompanied shops together?  

…An awesome market research participation opportunity, that’s what!

If you’ve never done an in-home interview before, this is essentially what it says on the tin; a researcher comes to your home to interview you in your everyday surroundings. 

Accompanied shops are also pretty self-explanatory; this is where a researcher will observe you (without interfering) while you carry out a shopping trip. 

Both are great fun to do and provide some fantastic incentives – which is exactly what some of the senior members of our participant panel got to experience when they took part in our client’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market research study! 

Intrigued to see what happened and find out how you can get paid to grocery shop, too? Then read on! 

A senior couple cooking in the kitchen together representing how to get paid to grocery shop through market research

So… what were these in-home interviews all about? 

For this study, our client (who ran a leading convenience food business) wanted to find out about the food shopping habits of people aged 65 and over. 

In particular, they wanted to see how older people did their shopping, what they bought, why they bought it and the types of food they liked to buy, cook and eat. 

… and which participants from the Angelfish community took part? 

For this study, our client wanted to recruit 12 senior people with a mix of ages (over 65), genders, life stages and employment statuses. They also wanted the participants to live in two northern locations: Manchester and Leeds. 

Luckily for them, we had the perfect participants ready and waiting on our Angelfish Opinions panel 

What were the participants required to do for the in-home interview and accompanied shop? 

The study took part in three different stages: an in-home interview, a trip out to a supermarket, and another interview back home whilst they were cooking a meal.  

During the first in-home interview, a researcher chatted to the participants about their eating and shopping habits, including the foods they liked to eat, how often they went out food shopping and more. 

The second stage was planned out to be like the participants’ average shopping trip, whether this was their regular weekly shop or just a browse around the supermarket. The participants didn’t have to buy anything as part of the trip, but they were welcome to if they needed to fill up their kitchen cupboards! 

Finally, in the third stage, the participants headed back home with the researcher and spend some time preparing and eating a meal, whilst having another chat about their shopping habits.  

So, a pretty busy couple of weeks all around – but lots of fun. In fact, the participants even called beforehand to say how much they were looking forward to it!

As a thank you, the participants were provided with a great monetary incentive that reflected their hard work and commitment to the project. 

A senior woman grocery shopping representing how to get paid to grocery shop through market research

Want to get paid to grocery shop? 

If reading this case study has got you excited about the idea of taking part in paid market research – whether an in-home interview, an accompanied shop or a different research type entirely – be sure to sign up to our panel! 

As well as the opportunity to get paid to grocery shop, you’ll also have the chance to make a positive difference to the brands you care about most. You might even be the person that inspires an exciting new development in your favourite supermarket!  

Sound good?

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